Chapter 1

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Pov Jada
I woke up and looked at my phone my best friend Derek had texted.
Text messages
Derek:morning bestie
End of Messages
My brother Jay walked in my room and started jumping on my bed.
"Get out ugly before I tell dad"I yelled
"Snitch"he said and threw a pillow at me then ran out
I got up and walked to the bathroom and did my hygiene's.I put my weave twist in a bun with a pink bow.I put on my white cami,pink blazer,light blue jeans,and brown boots.I did my make up and grabbed my phone and book bag.I walked downstairs and my dad was cooking.
"Morning daddy"I said hopping on the counter
"Morning baby girl"he said
"Can I stay home today"I asked
"Why"he asked
"Cause I'm so sick"I said fake coughing
"What's going on today"he asked
"I have to sing the national anthem at our football game today"I said
"What's wrong with that"he said
"I don't know the national anthem"I said
"We'll get you ass of the counter and go learn it"he said
"But it's the last day of school"I said
"Jada get up and go learn it"He said
"Fine"I said getting off the counter
I'm not really gonna learn it I'm just gonna sing mama.A song I wrote to tell my mom who I never meet that I made it in this world.The company wouldn't let me record it so my dad sang it for me.I got upstairs and sat on my bed.My my crush king my dads friend tygas son face timed me.I looked in the mirror and made sure I looked cute then I answered it.
FaceTime convo
King:I was wondering if you wanted to go to beach
King:okay how about Saturday night
Jada:that's cool
King:okay I'll talk to you later
Jada:okay bye
End of face time
I did my happy dance I couldn't wait for Saturday.I decided to leave for school early.I go to west field high school.I got in my car and sped off.I pulled up to school and got out of my car and walked up to my friend Ashlyn.Jay and his girlfriend Angel was talking to her.
"Hey ash"I said
"Hey"she smiled back
"Guess what"I smiled
"What"she said
"Me and King got a date on Saturday"I smiled
"Ah guess what"she said
"What"I said
"Me and Derek go out"She said
"What"I said
"Yeah I'm glad your taking it well cause he said you was gonna flip"She said
"Ahhhh"I said doing my happy dance
I felt arms wrap around my waist.
"Hey babe"king said
I blushed and Ashlyn cooed.I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck and pecked his lips.
"Ah boy get yo hands off my best friend"Derek said joke fully
"Ah boy"King said giving Derek some dap
Derek held Ashlyn's hand and whispered something in her ear and she started blushing.
"Hey how about tonight we all stay at my house cause my dads going out of town for a tour for a year"I said
"I'm down"King said
"Me too"Derek and Ashlyn said
"Angel you down"Jay asked angel
"Sure"She said
"Okay angel and Ashlyn y'all will be my guest and Derek and King will be jays guest"I said
We all agreed and we walked into school.
lunch time•
We sat down at a booth and talked about tonight.
"We should watch massacre of death"Jay said
"No I hate scary movies"I said
"I got you ma"King said holding my hand
"And do our nails"angel said
"Hell no"Derek said
"I'm got all the colors"Ashlyn smiled
"And I'll make you some dessert"Ashlyn said and winked at Derek
"Mm can't wait"he said and pecked her lips
at home•
I gave my dad a hug and he went over the rules.
"Kay bye daddy love you be safe"I said and gave him a kiss
"Bye son"He said
"Bye dad be safe"Jay said
"I will"he said and closed the door
crew gets there•
Me and King sat on my bed.I got up and went to take a shower.I put on some boy shorts,Kings jersey,and my black fuzzy socks.I put my hair in a bun and did some natural looking make-up.
We all sat down on the floor and played truth or dare.
"Okay Jada I dare you too kiss Jay on the cheek"Angel said
"Ew😖"I said
"Or run in the street naked"she said
I grabbed jays face and bit his cheek.
"Ouch man you like a fucking vampire"Jay said
We all laughed.Me and the girls went in the kitchen and made dessert while the boys played the Xbox.We sat the pizza,wings,soda,candy,and cake on the living room table.
"Okay y'all can put on the movie"I said
"No I'm bout to win"Jay said
I sat on kings lap and straddled him and kissed his soft lips.
"Papi can we turn on the movie"I said all sweet like
"Ah man we can finish later"King said
"Man you a punk"Derek said
Ashlyn slapped him in the back of his head.I laughed and Angle cuddled with Jay.He turned on the movie and I cuddled with King,Angel cuddled with Jay,Derek cuddled with Ashlyn.
The zombie jumped on the screen and I screamed.They all laughed and and I punched King in the arm.
"Damn you hit hard"he said
"I know"I said and laid back on his chest
•2 hours Later•
The movie finished and I feel asleep.King carried me to my room.I straddled him Dan he kissed me•r rated•we caught our breath and cuddled.I like feeling like this warm and secure.I love King and I know he loves me.
•3 months later•
Me and the girls had just finished making breakfast when the boys came in.
"So since its summer and we adults now how about we all get a house together in Miami"Angel said
"That's a good idea"I said
"Yeah"King said
"I'm cool with it"Jay said
"Woohoo"Ashlyn said
We all laughed at her.We are and everyone went home to pack and say bye to there family's.I packed and Jay did too.I called my dad and told him he cried like a baby but he understood.I finished packing.
"Jay you ready"I yelled
"Yeah make sure you get Princess"he yelled back
"Okay"I said
Princess is our pit bull.She is a puppy and I love her to death.I picked her up and she licked my face.I put her in her dog carrier.I put my stuff in the limo and we all drove off.
at private jet company•
Me and Hay got out our car and meet up with the rest of the crew.I kissed King and looked into his brown eyes.
"I love you Jada Monique Alsina"He smiled
"I love you King Love Stevenson"I said
We kissed again and I hugged Angel and Ashlyn and gave Derek a kiss on the cheek.We all got on the jet and I set Princess in her private room.And the people loaded our stuff then we were off.I laid on Kings chest.
"This is our future"he smiled
"This is the beginning"I said and kissed him

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