Ch.6 the encounter prt2

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***Persey p.o.v

I walked into the kitchen to see my family at the table. They stared at me,

"So....," Liam started,

"I'm going to school, damn it," I growled my mom laughed

"I'm glad she didn't get my anger problems," she chuckled "people would be dead already," laughing I rolled my eyes at her. My dad looked at me, and I smiled sweetly at him

"Daddy I'm going," he sighed

"Ok but one word of trouble and Liam brings you home," i groaned, but nodded I walked back up to my room to see Jace gone I shrugged and walked into my closet to get ready for school,

***1 hour later I wAs back in the halls I had yet to see my mate and I was growing uneasy juli doing banshee things like screaming and yelling damn this girl, I thought my body was sore but yet I haven't done anything, it started hurting after I got out of the house. I groaned Juli was happily skipping around mei talking about her mate while mine was nowhere to be seen, I sighed when I caught Liam talking with his friends yet his eyes stayed on my like a momma beat watching her cub. I walked to my locker and saw Jace leaning on it, he looked really good my vampire Lexi said I agreed he did look good, I snaked him in the ar

"Move," I growled lowly he laughed

"Aww poor Lexi baby Peresy won't let you out to play will she my vamp side taking over, my eyes becoming like molten silver,

"No she won't I have to get her when she's vulnerable," Lexi said Jace smiled Lexi had claimed Jace as hers when we were really young I think about 5. But the thing was we have a mate now Fawney whimpered, I sighed having three females connected is the worst thing anyone could do, Lexi was still flirting with Jace when I heard a loud growl my wolf becoming happy her Mate was here,

"Oh shit," Lexi said and she gave me back control ,yeah thanks Lexi I'm so screwed now thanks I muttered Jace laughed I glared at him when Anothny came into view, he was glaring at Me. An walked towards me.....,

A/n I'm hoping your liking the story :) love y'all thank you for reading

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