Chapter 22~

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A/N: warning; like one gay slur is used in this// also my favorite pic of Mikey is on the side 😂

Chapter 22:

It has now been a few months since me and Luke got off the island. Our relationship has been going well, and later this evening we have prom.

After prom, we have graduation a couple of days later.

We've done all our finals, and luckily, with a bit of tutoring, I managed to pass all of them. I've even decided what I want to do with my future. I'm going to Boston university to study psychology.

Luke is going to the Manhattan school of music. We haven't exactly spoken about what will happen to us when we separate. It is only a 3 hour car ride, but things are going to change.

I take my suit out of my wardrobe and make sure everything's clean, before getting dressed into it.

I look in my mirror, and for once I don't dislike my appearance much.

I run a hand through my curly hair, my dad says it's getting too long, but Luke likes it like this.

I check my outfit one more time before grabbing car keys and leaving.

I say a quick goodbye to my dad, and he just nods in reply.

Sighing, I slam the front door behind me, then get in a car and start the journey to lukes house.

When I arrive, I slowly take a few steps to the front door, and then almost hesitantly knock.

Luke opens the door.

Luke is always beautiful, but today is different.

Looking at him now makes me fill with an overwhelming amount of love and adoration.

He smiles shyly at me, his ocean eyes crinkling at the edge, and his hands twisting together.

His hair is flat, which is unusual for Luke. I can now see the shades of brown in his hair. With his hair less done up he just seems more natural, less angel like, but yet more pretty.

It takes me a while but I finally can piece together the phrase, "you look so gorgeous".

Luke can't hide his grin, his dimpled cheeks flushing red.

Luke looks at his shoes, then takes his hand in mine.

He seems cautious which surprises me. He's always been a confident person, even when I first met him he was.

"I love you," he says meeting eyes with me.

"I love you too," I say, and then after Luke grabs his stuff we go to my car.

Most parents would probably at least a say hi, or even take pictures of us, but Lukes parents still aren't completely okay with us.

It's the most upsetting thing seeing one of the only people you love being hurt by others. And I can't even help him, which just makes it so much more painful.

We quickly arrive at school, and as I expected to see Calum alone I'm shocked to see him with someone else.

Especially as that someone else is Michael.

Me and Luke get out the car, and say hi to Calum and Michael.

Neither me or Luke are on good terms with Michael, and I know that Calum knows it will only be a matter of time until I interrogate him.

Me and Luke walk into the school building and then into the gym where the prom is being held.

We hold hands as we walk in, and we get a few confused stares. We haven't exactly come out to school, and Luke is still known by his reputation of being a fuckboy from a few years ago.

Me and Luke dance for a little bit, and (try to) talk to Calum and Michael, before I leave Luke to get some punch.

"So you and Hemmings are fags then?"

I try to ignore the idiot whose walked up to me, and I don't even look up to see who it is.

He pushes my shoulder lightly, "I asked you a question."

I try to leave, but he's quick to stop me.

"Gonna go back to your boyfriend? Luke isn't even gay, you fucking homo,"

"Leave my alone, please," I say, doing my best not to provoke the idiot gripping on to my shoulder roughly.

"Hey what's your problem?" Luke yells coming up to us.

"Teaching this fag a lesson," the other boy replies.

I can tell Luke is trying not to hurt the boy when he says, teeth gritted "leave my boyfriend alone".

"What, you gonna scare me away with words?" The boy taunts.

"No actually," Luke says with a smirk, and fuck he's gonna do something stupid.

He punches the boy in the face, which is truly the dumbest thing he has ever done, like even more stupid than the time he pretended to be straight...

The boy staggers back and I quickly pull Luke away before the boy can retaliate.

"You didn't have to that, it was stupid."

"Sorry, I just like to stop my boyfriend being bullied you know." He replies, crossing his arms.

"It was kinda hot though," I say with a giggle.

"Damn right it was," Luke says with a silly grin.

I see Calum walking out of the gym, and I quickly say to Luke "hey, I'm gonna interrogate Calum about this whole Michael thing, alright?" Luke nods, and I follow Calum out of the gym.

"Cal?" I say, when he stops by some lockers.

"Yeah, ash?"

"Why is Michael here, with you?"

"Well, I asked him," he says, staring at the ground.

"Are you two like-"

"Yea I guess so," Calum interrupts with a shrug.


"Yeah...I didn't want to tell you cause I figured it'd upset you."

"It's fine, but how?" I ask, genuinely curious.

"I got his number that time we went over to his house. I knew him before that though, me and him had hooked up on the same night of the car crash actually, that's why he hadn't been in the car with his father, I had ditched him at some house party."

Shocked by this new information, and the fact that Calum having sex with Michael basically saved Michael's life, I slowly reply with "if you're happy with him, then I'm happy for you".

I am genuinely so happy for Calum. I'm so relieved that everything's finally normal. I'm so happy that we are all happy.

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