Unexpected Romance

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"We're going to be late! Hurry up, Catherine!" Bianca shouted up the stairs to her sister. "We need to get to the theater quickly. I don't want to miss one single moment of Bradley's face."

Catherine took one last look in the mirror and sighed.

"I guess this is as good as I get." she mumbled. She had her long blond hair in a braid down her back and her maroon gown did bring out the green of her eyes. However she knew that standing next to her sister she would disappear.

Bianca had curly brunette hair that hung in ringlets around her face and dark brown eyes that men found intriguing. Bianca's figure was also much slimmer than Catherine's. Bianca was always the center of attention with the men and Catherine was always left in the corner alone.

"Hurry up Catherine! Emmett is here! We have to go!" Bianca yelled impatiently up the stairs again. Catherine sighed in defeat and ran down the stairs.

"Hello ladies. How are you this evening?" Emmett asked as Catherine and Bianca opened the front door to greet him.

"Oh Emmett, you can stop pretending to be such a gentleman. I have known you since I was but a baby and I know that you are not." Bianca said waving her hand. Emmett feigned surprise.

"Have you no faith in my ability to change?"

"You change? Ha. Ha. You make me laugh darling." Bianca replied lightly and walked out the door toward the waiting carriage.

Emmett turned his gaze to Catherine and she felt herself blush. She had always loved Emmett but he was far out of her league. He was dashing and handsome and very popular with all of the women. He was tall and broad and filled every room he entered with his presence. She was only glad that he found her worthy of his friendship and could only dream of more.

"Cat, you look lovely this evening." Emmett said throwing her one of his trademark smiles that showed the deep dimples in his chiseled cheeks.

"You told Bianca that you could change but apparently you are still a liar." she replied smiling back at him.

"And you are still blind my cat." he replied. They looked into each others eyes for a long moment and then Emmett cleared his throat and held out his arm.

"Your chariot awaits my lady. Shall I escort you?" he asked in a regal tone. Catherine laughed. She seemed to laugh easier with Emmett. She was able to forget about being second place to her sister because Emmett had a way of making her feel like she was first.

She looped her arm into the crook of his and they walked out the door.


"Hurry up Catherine! You are always so slow! Perhaps if you quit eating seconds at dinner you would be able to move faster!" Bianca shouted back at the carriage.

They were at the theater and Catherine was searching frantically for her handbag. Emmett was waiting patiently at the side of the carriage to help her down but Bianca was a different story. Catherine felt her face flame with embarrassment as her sister yelled at her across the crowded sidewalk.

"I'm sorry Bianca. I've misplaced my handbag." she replied while struggling to hold back her tears.

"Oh no. Poor Catherine lost her snacks! Just come on and forget about it. You probably left it at the house." Bianca yelled back while stomping her high heeled foot impatiently.

"Cat, don't listen to her. You know how she gets when she's man hunting." Emmett said quietly. Truthfully he thought that Bianca needed a swift kick in her backside but he knew that Catherine was much to passive and gentle to give it to her.

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