High school for Romance

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Chapter 5 part 2

Kaite POV

"yeah what is it "he said with confuse look aw he look so adorable i thought to myself it jesse school badboy don't get close to him he will hurt you my inning voice said to me

Jesse POV

 i know i'm the badboy of school bad grades get into fight do pranks and i know girl are to scare to be in relationship with me so i just have sex with them then leave after no big deal my life suck so what i live in a big house got money i got one parent who never here doesn't give a shit about me more proud of my fucking stepbrother his fucking mother doesn't even give me a second look

But i have friends but not in school they are older than me more bad than me but they drag me into stuff but i can't say no i still own this dude he help me out a lot if i ditch i will be fucked basically i can't get out of that group which i do till i don't own them shit.when i talk to Katie normal i feel nice around her i could tell her anything but i can't get close i will get hurt everyone leave me who i love i can't love no one but me look out of number 1 i kept repeating my inning voice said to me

 I saw Katie looking at me like then i remember that she wanted to ask me something

i  cough to clear my throat and ask Katie "so Katie  what did you want to ask me?"

"ermm ....Jesse i know your Logan stepbrother coz yesterday when we became friend i stay over at your house"Katie said i felt angry that Katie stay the night with Logan But I don't why I was acting like this I fucking hope that I don’t have feeling for her I know she not a bitch like the fucking other cheerleaders but somehow she will break my heart if I get close to her

"yeah so ? it not my fault Logan didn't tell you"i said to Katie but i know the real reason why Logan didn't tell her yet he only told his skater friends coz we made a deal that we can only tell people if we both agree.Logan couldn't have a change to tell Katie yet coz he didn't see me all day so he couldn't ask

"true i don't know why he didn't tell me i will ask him later"

i said under my breath "coz your a fucking cheerleader"i could tell Katie heard me because the looked on her face look upset ......shit i don't like making her sad pissed is okay coz she look hot angry but sad make me feel worst about myself but my inning voice said it good thing push her away so you don't be close

Katie POV

I heard what Jesse said under his breath but i hope that not the real reason why Logan didn't tell me that his stepbrother was Jesse the school badboy the more i think about i knew that it wasn't the reason i will ask him tomorrow at school that boy got a lot of explaining to do i said to my self i could feel that i had a big smile on my face and i got a weird look from Jesse

"Why are you looking at me like that"i said

"Don't worry can we get to work"Jesse said

"well done Jesse that was your first time saying them words"i said with sarcasm

"ha ha Katie and i wonder why your a virgin"he said

"yeah my humor is the fault that i didn't want to have sex"i said i could tell his face look red was he embarrassed when i said sex i thought to myself  the badass boy is embarrass by me using the word sex

"so Jesse.. last start we will start with the human biology first"i said

"whatever"Jesse Said so we went through defending against infection Jesse did test paper and also quiz him got all the answers right in the end .It was 9'o'clock pm i had to go home we finish for tonight

"hey Jesse seen we finish... for tonight ...don't' get to excited i'm gonna go home now it getting late"i said but my mind said please Jesse say something to make me stay longer but who i'm joking like Jesse want me to stay with him

"yeah i think you should i will walk you to your car"he said like i said he doesn't even care

"if you wanted me to leave that much all you had to do is tell me"i said in loud tone i didn't mean to say that out loud shit my face is getting hot of embarrassment

"I know all the girl want to stay with me but I'm busy for tonight tomorrow i can do"he said with a smirk

I roll my eyes at him thinking that he meant even have some feeling for me but i was wrong "yeah i know i really wanted to stay with you now I'm gonna to cry"i said with sarcasm

"hahah so funny just go now my friends are coming soon"he said with smirk still on his face

"glad to"i said push him out the way but then jesse follow me to the  front door so ran toward my car before he called say anything so i left and now i know he doesn't feel anything for me but i feel something for him.

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