The sound of coughing roused Eric from his troubled slumber. The echoes of a distant crime reverberated around his head, keeping an unforgettable nightmarish memory firmly in reality. The pain of his recent trauma stabbed at every organ, slicing through his skin. It pained him to open his eyes but after great difficulty, he managed to look.

He looked up at the barbed wire that suffocated his wrists. Seeing the copious amounts of blood stained down his arms should have made him vomit, but he still felt stuck in a dream-like state. It was becoming impossible to breathe.

The clothes he was now wearing were drenched in sweat, blood, and mud. They were not his clothes – even in his hazy condition he knew he was not the owner. They felt a little too big for him and smelt foisty as if they'd been unwashed since the '90s.

Once he was able, he turned himself around ever so slightly to get a good look at the place he was now held up in. It appeared to be some kind of basement. Wooden walls and corridors in the far distance confirmed what he now knew – this was a cabin somewhere in the middle of the woods. Eric recognised the design.

There was so much water on the floor and the drip-dripping from leaky floorboards above cut right through him. The cabin was old, unstable. There was barely any light to illuminate the basement as the candles that were lit were far too insufficient. They were spotted all over the place in random spots, meaning there were areas that were nicely lit followed by pitch blackness as if looking at six different rooms.

Nearby, there was someone else hanging by their hands from the ceiling. He couldn't be sure of who it was but it made sense to assume the person was Shenae.

The figure moved and coughed, endorsing Eric's suspicions. It was Shenae and she was in just as bad a shape as Eric. For a moment, he thought she had set the whole thing up. Following the confrontation that had both plunging from a window, he wasn't entirely sure what she was capable of. But seeing her hanging, helpless, it stirred something in Eric's heart.

"She...Shenae..." he called out, repeating her name as his voice was temporarily out of order. He could see her struggle as she found her bearings, and then she burst his eardrums.

"Help! Help!" She screamed, wriggling like a worm on a hook. Her screams were deafening and shrill, scaring Eric as she panicked. He tried to shush her but there was no possible way she could hear. He had to wait for her to take a breath between screams for her to hear him.

"Shenae! Shhh!" Eric yelled at her, struggling internally at their current. Shenae had struggled enough that she moved around, facing Eric. They were only a few feet away from each other. If they both were able, they could have extended an arm out and touched.

"It hurts... it hurts so much!" Shenae cried, looking up at the barbed wire. Eric's eyes moved up, seeing that her flesh was far more fragile than his. He could see his own hands turn blue. He was numb but she was not. "Ow..." She broke down in tears.

"I know, I know it hurts but Shenae, if we're going to get out of this, you have to be quiet."

"Who's doing this to us?" She asked. The look of desperation on her face showed that she had temporarily forgotten about the entire fight they had and the reason she stalked him in the first place. Now she needed him, whether he accidentally killed her mother or not.

"I... I'm trying to remember..." Eric remembered seeing a face when he was picked up and put into the car. "It's not important right now. What's important is figuring out how to get out of this."

Shenae sulked. "How can we possibly get out of this? This wire is wrapped so tight around my wrists."

Eric knew the odds were stacked against them. It appeared to be an impossible task. He remembered something Justin would always say as he beamed his way through work every day. "Just be positive and have a little courage." He gave Shenae a look of certainty. "We are not dying today."

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