It's Time [One Shot]

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It was a simple argument, I swear. We argue all the time- it's something we always did. This time we were arguing about my cooking. He argued it tasted like vomit mixed with rubbish, while I said it was delicious in every way. He of course, didn't agree to it.

"You bloody frog- I hate you! I hate you so much I wish you were dead!" Is what I said, the last thing I ever said to Francis Bonnefoy. It wasn't like I was serious. Every time I say that he would always reply, "But I know you love me~" and I would yell at him some more. But that wasn't the case.

That's when I regret it all- everything I ever said or did to him that was negative. I heard the sound of the brakes and the car smashing with another car, the impact loud enough for anyone from a mile radius to hear.

I called his name, many times, desperate to hear him chuckle and laugh, saying that I actually believed that he was dead. But that wasn't the case. I knew that there would be no response as the sirens were heard- I knew that he had fallen into a car crash.


Francis had no real family members, his parents had died when he was young and he had no siblings. So the first person they called was me, of course. I was the last he talked to and the most important one in his contacts apparently. Besides- he wasn't well liked. He had that flirtatious side to him of course, which caused a lot of my friends to stay away from him. Really- it was only me who spoke much to him, besides his co-workers and cousin, Feliciano; who called him brother Francis from time to time.

But yes, the hospital called to inform me that he was dead.

The wish I regret came true.


It was a small funeral, with a little viewing. It seemed that Francis had everything set for him. The wanker had everything planned and it was like he knew he was going to die that day. But everyone came to speak, saying their fond memories of Francis. But it wasn't as fond as mine were. I spent a lot of time with him, despite the fact that I admitted many times to the public I despised him.

Once everyone was finished speaking, it was just me. I dragged myself over to not the podium, but the casket. I looked at Francis and smiled softly at him. His face was as pristine as always, a ghost his signature soft smile still visible to my eyes. I looked down on him, grabbed his hand, held it, and began to speak, as if nobody was around.

"You always knocked on my front door in the morning, while I was still having tea. You always had that smile on your face no matter how much I yelled at you for various reasons. During my years from elementary to college you always were there, helping me. Do you remember when you helped me cut my hair because my family couldn't afford to bring me to the barbershop? I felt embarrassed, asking help from you, yet you still helped. I pushed you away once we got our own respective jobs and houses but yet you kept coming. You were always there for me Francis and now it's my fault that you... You.. You're dead. I yelled at you, we had the same pointless argument- now look... You're gone from my life and what am I to do? I never even got say how I felt. I was too prideful- I didn't want people to see that I liked you more than a friend. Now that you're gone- I can't even tell you how much I love you, how much I love everything you've done for me- Francis..." I broke down, tears streaming down my cheeks and unto Francis' cold, lifeless body.

"W-Why did you leave me here.. Alone...?"


More feels! Yep that's how I roll. Now I'm sorry if I don't make too much sense in the story. It was more of a spur of the moment type of story.

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