Lesson Learned~Wasabi X Reader LEMON

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You yawned one last time as you lowered down your magazine and watched your boyfriend working on his new project. "Wasabiiiiii~" You said standing up and walking towards him. "Yes, (Y/N)?" He said without looking away from his work.

"Are you done?" You said hugging him and he shook his head. "No, I need some things from Tadashi. Stay here, I'll be back in a minute" Wasabi was out of sight and left you with a big smirk on your face.


You were trying to contain your laughter as you saw Wasabi panicked because someone moved all of his work utensils. Of course, that someone was yoh. "Who did this?!" He said angry. You couldn't contain it anymore and burst out laughing. Wasabi opened the doors of the closet which you were in. "It was you?"

"Nooo, when you got out of the lab I went Honey to get another magazine but then Baymax came in and started chasing me for an unknown reason so I had to hide here until I noticed that everything was destroyed" You said rather quickly. "I don't believe you" He said crossing his arms.

"But I didn't do anything, I promise" You said pouting which always worked with  Wasabi when he was mad. He sighed and nodded. "Okay, I believe you" You smiled. "Let's go home! I'm tired!" You exclaimed and Wasabi sighed.

"I'll fix this tomorrow" With that both of you sighed and left the lab. After some nice dinner that Wasabi cooked for both of you, you got ready to go to bed. You got out of the bathroom and saw Wasabi taking off his shirt showing off his muscles. "You're liking the view, (Y/N)?" Wasabi asked you looking to you from the mirror in front of him where hour reflection of you staring at him was obvious. "Probably..." You said biting your lip trying to tempt Wasabi. "Then come and get it baby" You moaned softly at how sexy Wasabi sounded. You ran to him and kissed him deeply. His hands roamed your body hungrily while yours rested in his neck.

Both of you parted and Wasabi started to trail butterfly kisses down your neck and collarbone. His hands ripped your shirt apart along with your bra. Your (S/C) breast were free. "Get in bed" Wasabi said with a deep voice making you shiver. You loved when he got dominant in bed. Like the saying goes 'A gentleman in the streets, and a beast in the sheets.' You slowly laid down in bed. Wasabi for to your 'special drawer' where you had all of your sex toys and other things that both of you use.

"Hands above your head" Wasabi ordered and in seconds you had your hands above your head. Wasabi locked the handcuffs around your wrist around the bedposts. Suddenly, your eyes were covered and your feet were tied.

"Wasabi?" Your voice was shaking. "No Wasabi tonight, sweetheart. Master is here. Do you understand?" You started wondering what happened for Wasabi to become such a dominant and rough guy. "Yes, Master" Your voice was like music to his ears and it was turning him on badly. He quickly took what was left of your clothes off and his too. He smirked at how vulnerable you looked. Naked and waiting for his touch.

"Baby girl, I want you to be honest" Wasabi said running his hands down and up your arms. "Yes, Master?" You couldn't see what was going on but you couldn't stop wondering what Wasabi would do next. "Who moved my equipment?" Your breath hitched at his question. "I don't know, Master" You lied but regret it when a nipple clamp was clamped in your left breast. You screamed. "I'm going to ask you once more, who moved my equipment?" Wasabi asked with a serious voice. Not wanting to anger further the OCD man, you told the truth. "I did, Master" You whispered.

"Hmm, and why?" His voice was looming over you taking over all of your senses. "I don't know" You said. "Wrong" Another clamp was placed over your right breast. "I did it because I was bored!" You yelled. "You've been a bad girl and so you know what bad girls get, right?" You gulped at his words. "Punishment?" Your statement sounded more like a question. "Correct"

An audible gasp came out of your mouth when you felt something vibrating in your entrance. "When you've been a bad girl, what do you do?" Words couldn't get our of your mouth because of the movement and vibrations that you are feeling. "Apologize?" You moaned. "Yes, baby. That's the only thing you have to and you'll be forgiven" Wasabi said. "Then I'm so sorry!" You exclaimed squirming trying to free yourself from your restraints. "Not enough" His voice was demanding and you loved it. 

"I'm sorry, Master!" You yelled as the vibrator entered you in one swift thrust. "That's more like it" A whimper escaped your mouth as he removed the vibrator from your pussy. Soon the clamps in your breasts were gone too. "Don't worry babe. I will replace it with something so much better" Before you could ask, his dick was shoved forcefully into you. "WASABI!" You screamed out moving your hips wanting him to start moving. "Agh I love when you scream my name! Continue!" Wasabi uncuffed your wrists and turned you around. His hips started to hit yours as he moved harder and faster into you. "You're tight as always" Wasabi said slamming into you. "Ah! And you are as big as always!" Your hands gripped the sheets beneath you for life. His large hands were resting in your hips for support. 

"(Y/N)! I'm cumming!" Wasabi moaned out as his cock got bigger inside you making you clench around him. "Me too! Let's cum together!" Your breasts were bouncing side to side with his movements. The knot in your stomach was going to explode. You both cummed screaming the name of each other. You felt how his hot semen filled you up to the brim making it overflow when he pulled out of you. Your body fell forward into the bed. With all the things set aside in the floor, Wasabi took you in his arms and lain down with you. "I hope you learned your lesson of not messing around with my things, young lady" He whispered kissing your hair. "I did, but I wouldn't mind doing it again if by all that menas that I'm going to have this type of punishments" You said giggling following with a sweet kiss in his lips. "I love you my cleaning freak" You whispered falling asleep in his chest. 


Oh, didn't see you there! How you doing? Cleaning up the blood of your nosebleed? Oh, okay. Here! *Gives you a box of tissues* I don't know if you had noticed ut I changed the cover of the book because I think it needed a refreshment. I hope you like it!

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Well, that's everyhting for now! I'll see you in the other lemon!





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