CHAPTER 4 | the game

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The moment Sydney returned to the safety of the suite, she stormed over to Grace, counting to ten the entire way. She was adamant that she was not going to let MacMasters get to her.

"We were wondering where you'd gotten to," Grace said with a look of concern.

Sydney flashed her a weak smile. "I just went up to take a look at the stadium."

"And I see you found Mac," Mason remarked, nodding to a point over her shoulder. "And you managed to tear him away from his phone and join us."

Sydney grimaced. She had hoped that his threat would be carried out from a distance. However, it appeared that he took his promises seriously. She had only just managed to bring her erratic thoughts under control. She didn't need him to escalate it again so quickly. There was no way she was going to let him see how he had affected her.

"Well, Ms. Regas looked a little disorientated, so I thought I'd make sure she didn't get lost or stumble onto the wrong people." The smile on his face didn't reach his eyes. "We didn't interrupt anything did we?" Ethan said as he looked at Grace and Mason.

Mason shook his head with a smile. "No. In fact, we had just been discussing some of the charity work Grace does. I had no idea the level of involvement and commitment required. The foundation from last nights is only one of the few that she works with."

Grace had graduated from Columbia University with a Marketing Degree. After taking up a position within an advertising firm, she had eventually left after becoming disillusioned with the fact she was having to convince people to buy stuff they didn't need, didn't want or couldn't afford.

The reality was, she didn't need the money. Her trust fund more than supported her lifestyle. Grace's passion had always been to help those less fortunate than herself. In light of this, it wasn't a surprise to anyone when she made the decision to throw herself into charity work. This was something she excelled in, and, over the years she had raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the foundations she supported.

Grace, in her usual fashion, was underplaying her role in what she did. Not having a bar of it, Sydney gave them a rundown on some of the achievements that Grace would not have divulged on her own.

"They are lucky to have her," finished Sydney proudly. "I certainly couldn't do it."

"Yes, I suspect you're focus is in a complete different direction," murmured Ethan. His real meaning not lost on Sydney.

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Grace broke in, misunderstanding Ethan's comment. "If it weren't for Sydney, the Children with Cancer Foundation wouldn't have been able to‑" Grace stopped short with the frantic glare that Sydney threw at her.

"Wouldn't have been able to what?" questioned Ethan, picking up on the shared look between the cousins.

"Find a children's balloon artist at the last moment," Sydney piped in, seeing Grace was unsure of how to proceed. She knew if Grace divulged her involvement in that particular incident, he would assume she had taken advantage of her employer's position and money.

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