Loki and Grace (Tennis)

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Loki was sitting on the bleachers, watching the girls play tennis. A girl just about finished and was walking back towards the bench and began waving their arms dramatically. Loki frowned and shaded his eyes to see who it was. Grace ran up the bleachers to see him.
"Hey Loki," she said.
"What are you doing here?" She asked, sitting down beside him.
"Thor thought it best that I see some of the many sporting events that this school offers."
"Yeah, there's a lot of them. But why did you pick this one?"
"Thor doesn't like tennis."
"Well, I'm done for the day so you want to go do something?" Grace asked. Loki shrugged so they left the area. They walked past the football field and went into the school.
"We should go do something mischievous," Grace said.
"I'm up for it," Loki said. There wasn't really any students left in the school because there wasn't really any after school activities going on right now.
"We should spray paint the hallway with Thor's name on it," Grace said.
"That would be a good idea except for Thor would know exactly who did it. Instead, we should put all of my friends names up there, including ours that way they don't blame us. We should make Stark's name biggest."
"Stark is probably the one most likely to do that besides you," Grace said, nodding. "Let's run to the store first."
After walking to Grace's brother's car and "borrowing" it, they drove to the store. Inside, people were buying things or talking to people. Loki and Grace walked down an aisle that only had a boy and a girl in it.
"Do you think that the new school has a uniform?" The girl with red hair asked the boy with white hair and brown roots.
"I doubt it." They both had thick accents. Grace and Loki each picked out a color for each of the avengers and walked out after paying. They reached a small problem when they got back to the school. The door was locked.
"We could always break a window," Loki offered.
"No, the school has alarms. Help me climb up to that window and I'll let us in." She climbed onto Loki's shoulders and clambered into the open window. A teacher was sitting at her desk, asleep on a pile of half corrected papers. Grace looked at the papers and saw her own on the top, along with a huge zero. Smiling, Grace pulled the pen softly out of the teacher's hands and put a ten in front of the zero. She laid the pen back down and ran down the hall. There wasn't really any teachers left but still, Grace didn't want to get expended. She pulled on the nearest red handle and the fire alarms started blaring. Teachers began pouring out the door, talking about how they were going to have to call the firefighters. That wasn't going to help them. Grace ran down to the lobby after everyone had gotten downstairs.
"I know you are all probably confused but there is no need to call the firefighters. Just go ahead and leave, even if your stuff is upstairs," Grace said in her best principal voice. She followed out all of the grumbling teachers. Loki was standing outside, tapping his foot impatiently.
"What took you so long?" Loki asked as Grace unlocked the door and he walked inside.
"I was making sure that parent teacher conferences go well tomorrow night as well as keeping us from getting in trouble with the teachers or the police." Loki frowned.
"Can't you turn the alarms off? They are really irritating."
"I bet I could do something," Grace said as she ran back into the lobby. She began clicking buttons on the board. After ringing the bell four times, turning on the intercom and saying some rally stupid things, and setting off the fire alarm twice more.
As soon as they started painting, Grace figured out that there wasn't any purple of Bruce.
"What are we going to do now?" She asked, frowning. "We had a color scheme going."
"Just mix the red and the blue. That might make purple," Loki said as he painted a shield beside Steve's name.
"So, who's coming to your parent teacher conferences?" Grace asked.
"Probably Hill, maybe Fury."
"Why don't you call your parents mom and dad?"
"They're not my parents. I don't actually have any parents." Loki said.
"Really?" Grace asked. "So you were adopted?"
"Yeah but I have an adopted family. Thor is my adopted brother."
Grace looked back at the paints she was mixing and Loki went back to painting the shield.
When they finished with the avengers, Grace added some of her friends names up there. After a little bit, they had added everyone in the schools names. The names lined the hallways and covered everything.
"I must say, this looks really nice. Here." Loki took Grace's hand and led her down the hall to her name.
"Oh my gosh," Grace said as she stared at her name.
"You like it?" Loki asked.
"I love it!" Grace said, hugging him. "It looks amazing. I didn't know you were that artistic."
"Well, I learned from you." Loki smiled as they walked out the door behind.
(Grace's name above or to the side)
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