Chapter 3 A stranger's scent

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I begged my wolf to take over and she did so silently. She understood why. She had always felt guilty about what happened to us. She blamed herself for not being strong enough to protect us. I didn't blame her though. We were so young, I was just a child and she was just a pup. Neither of us knew how to protect ourselves against grown ups. But no matter what I said to her she didn't listen she believed she was weak. If you haven't already guessed, yes I am a werewolf. Not the kind that goes completely savage every full moon and tears each and every town member to shreds. Though honestly sometimes I wish I was capable of such strength. No, the werewolves that exist on this planet or more domesticated if you will. We belong to packs and have rules we must abide by. Though we do have rogues, who chose or were chosen to leave their pack. They didn't live the luxurious life of being financially taken care of or even physically. Which only made them that more dangerous. They were unpredictable, jealous and hated the idea of pact life. Most didn't even believe in 'mates'. I've heard of awful stories of rogues who found their mates and killed them just so they could still be free and not tied to anything as they would refer to. Not that I'm trying to be a heartless evil person but I couldn't bring myself to feel bad for the mates that were killed. At least they had a mate, and at least they didn't have to roam the world mate-less. Me on the other hand knew exactly what that felt like.

Dr. Carridy, my psychologist believed that because of all the trauma I endured, it caused our mate to believe we cheated and had run him off. The thought of that broke mine and my wolfs heart and both of us knew we would forever be mate-less. See in the werewolf world a mate was someone your soul was bound to by the age 16. I'm 18 and still have not mated. Not completely unheard of , but not exactly normal either. I wasn't naive. I knew Garret wasn't my mate and one day he would find his. But a part of me, the human side, fell in love with him and won't let go, even with this thought. I would wait it out hoping he would never find her and stay with me forever like he promised.

Memories of us laying down in the woods entered my mind. Coming to the day he promised that he would reject his mate to stay with me because like me, his human side had fallen deeply in love. But we both knew with our mate near, our wolf was stronger then our human. And I feared that the most.

I pulled myself out of my memories as my wolf began to take over. The familiar feeling of my skin ripping apart fled through my body until my wolf was complete. She growled in satisfaction and began running through the woods letting my mind ease back into nature. I ran with all the speed my wolf could safely control. My heart pounding in my chest, my breathing coming out in paints, the only thing that made me feel like a normal werewolf. I stopped by the river and got myself a drink before deciding to curl up in a ball in the sunlight and allow myself to sleep. My wolf form was the only way I could get any sleep without the horrible dreams. I'm not exactly sure why but I would assume it was the only way I felt truly safe. Even though my wolf couldn't protect us from what had happened I knew she wanted to and just that thought alone gave me a sense of safety.


I slowly opened my eyes to the most amazing scent ever. It was dark out. Oh gosh how long have I slept! I shivered from the cold and realized I had shifted back into my human form. As I moved the delicious scent hit my nose again. I looked down to see a white t shirt clingy to my naked body. I lifted it to my nose and inhaled, it was like my whole senses intensified. I never felt anything like it. My wolf howled at the smell and clawed inside of me frantically. I shook my head and slipped the t-shirt over my naked body and made my way to my car where my purse and my clothes were. I pulled out my cell phone and saw that I had four missed calls from Andy and and five from Garret as well as several text messages asking me 'where are you' and to 'please call.' I sighed and shook my head as I called Andy first.

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