❧Chapter 36: Return ❧Updated and completed

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The portal closed right behind Rin's house, he muttered a quick detection blocking spell. That should prevent any problems. He tapped on the door. Hissing as even that movement sent a spike of pain in the dislocated shoulder. Some things magic just didn't heal well, fix it later.

Rin glared at him and yanked him in by his robe. Several vials on a shelf clinked, she let go and pushed them back on, dust floated down on his face.

He sneezed wiping his nose with the back of a hand. "Do that again and our contract is finished, you don't want to go back to before do you?"

She sank down trembling while avoiding eye contact, "No... Master."


Kar tapped her head mussing up her short black hair, "where is he?" The stench of something rotting wasn't good. "You didn't kill him, did you?"

She waved her hands back-and-forth over each other, "No, no, no! That's just a new batch of poison.

"Bring him out, it's time, I already have her away from that pesky paladin. Unnamed's hold is growing I can feel it."

She snapped her head around, "already? She mustn't have much Adapt blood in her."

Kar smoothed out the robe suppressing a sigh, "she's young yet not much over two hundred. The less you know the sooner you can go back, now stop asking questions and bring him out." he choked back a shout, it wouldn't do any good hitting her, she'd poison a drink or something.

Without a word she pulled up the floor boards, tossed them aside and dragged him out of a dark hole. The poor wrench was covered in dirt and dirty bandages, and none to few bite marks, probably from rats. He rolled over muffled screams from behind the gag. Suppressing a whince, he stiffned his face into a bored mask.

"This will be over soon, save your breath. If not, she'll enjoy your screams."

He spun the staff, and a wavering portal opened to just outside the mansion, the grass now brown and flat, soon the winter would cut off all hope, last year it must've over ten feet of snow. A smile broke out into a grin. All the better to keep things simple, hard to escape if you'll freeze to death.


She carried Ramino and walked though.

Kar grasped the staff at the top of the claw, it flexed activating a fireball in it's palm, "inferno," he stepped through the portal as the house burned to ashes.

Minutes later...

Ramino was rolling around on the grass trying to hit Rjn with bound feet. She chuckled and moved away, she turned her head, "Where do you want him?"

"Bring him up to the Boudoir that should be far enough away from the Solar."

She kicked Ramino hard in the butt, he moaned while she pulled him inside, the door opened by Rush.


She stopped without turning, quiet.

"Stay away from Merryn, he's looking for a way out, don't anger her," Kar spun the staff, walking through the portal to the upper hall, it only took a minute at most as it was close by.

"You're late." Maxwell sat on the high backed stool, a black Soul box on his lap, as usual for these it was carved elaborately. Better make sure not to be near when it opens.

Kar rubbed bis forhead. "As a guest you should wait patiently." All the spells lately were tiring. He went over to the small table by him. The bottle of Firedog was mostly untouched, he poured two glasses gulped it down then handed one to Maxwell.

Maxwell nodded, taking it.

"What is it you want?"

Maxwell sipped the drink, pausing for a while. "We both know what will happen if it is freed," Kar went over, and sat on the edge of the table facing him, "the last time this was tried was a disaster, for crist sakes you humans are still being attacked by the golem giants from over a hundred years ago. I am not going through that again."

Maxwell spread his palms upward, "you won't have to worry about that this time, I'll take care of the god."

"So much aragance, it's disgusting. He'll rip you apart and suck out your marrow before you can even think."

"All I care about is my revenge on her, if that weak god gets in my way he'll regret it," Maxwell patted the box.

Kar nodded. As long as it trapped Unnamed again the Adaps wouldn't care how it's done. "She'll be done soon. You see, doubt is a powerful weapon, they'll think she killed Ramino and that'll make it easier. They'll abandon her for murdering him," He took a gulp of the drink, it burned with a smooth butter finish. Not enough to numb the pain yet, but a start.

"Oh? and what if they don't?"

"Rin looks just like her remember? If she did her job well, they'll be hunting for her soon."

Maxwell leaned back and chuckled.

Kar stood, "I have matters to attend to, stay if you like there is a room in the top hall," then left entering the hall. A portal? Touching the staff, it singed his fingertips. No too soon. Time to check on them.

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