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A couple of hours later and Ashley discharged herself out of hospital. She hobbled outside on her crutches and sat on the bench, she hadn't called anyone to pick her up as she wasn't sure who to call. The girls had left an hour ago, Lucy was the only one that said goodbye. She didn't know where Tyler was, she hadn't seen him since, before the accident. She toyed with her phone looking down her contacts. Eventually she made a decision and called the number

S - Selena A - Ashley

S - hello
A - can you come get me?
S - where are you baby?
A - at the hospital
S - what have you done?
A - I'll explain when you get here
S - I'll be there soon

Within 20 minutes Selena pulled up outside, Ashley stood up and made her way over to the car. Selena got out and helped her in before getting back in the car. Ashley sat silently looking down at her lap.
'So are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?'
Ashley stayed silent.
'What the fuck happened to you?'
'Nothing I'm fine' she mumbled quietly
'That's absolute bull considering you're sitting in my car with a broken ankle, your face bruised and cut up and the fact that I saw on Twitter that you were in a fucking car accident'
Selena was mad, Ashley couldn't remember the last time she saw her this mad.
'I'm sorry' she whispered tears rolling down her cheeks
'Cut the crap. This crying crap may work with everyone else but not with me, I know you're grieving and I can't imagine what you're going through right now but you being a wreck less idiot is not helping the situation. Ashley you could've killed yourself, or someone else, you could've put someone else's life seriously in danger. You're not stupid, although you like to act it, you're not. You're one of the smartest people I know but you're pushing everyone away by being this wreck less bitch. that's not you. Do you know who's been at my house all day?'
Ashley looked up and shook her head when she realised she wasn't going to continue until she answered.
'Tyler, he's sitting at my house, Tyler and I aren't even that good friends Ashley, but he knew that I'd be the one you'd call, and he wanted to be the first one to see you, so I'm taking you to my house and you are gonna put your big girl panties on and talk to him. Okay?'

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