wherever you go

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My scuffed converse came in contact with the tile floor, and I instantly knew this year would be worse than last.
But then I saw her.
Her long, honey golden hair was pulled up in a high pony, and her chocolate brown eyes slanted as she laughed with her friends.
She then caught me staring, and I smiled at her. She returned it, although it was more of a smirk. I chuckled, and so did she.
Her red cheerleader uniform came just above her knees. The corners of her rouge colored lips turned upwards slightly as she continued to look at me.
Then I felt someone slam me into a wall, and the girl came running over.
"Derek, stop!! Leave him alone, he didn't do anything!" She said, pushing him out of the way.
"I saw the way he was looking at you!!" He yelled at her.
"Piss off!" She said, shoving his masculine figure further away. He scoffed and walked off.
"I'm sorry about him. He's a dick. I'm Shay," she introduced herself.
"Oh.. I-I'm Billie. Are you new here?" I asked.
"Yeah. I'm a senior. I Moved here from England," she replied.
"Why don't you have the accent?" I asked.
"Oh, my parents aren't from there. I moved there when I was younger, but my dad got a job here so, here I am."
"Oh. Do you move alot or..?"
"Well, yeah. But my dad says that this one is permanent, and he's never said that about any other place we've moved to before, so I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon," she explained.
I was happy.
That means I would be able to get to know her without her leaving.
"Oh. That's cool," I said, hiding my excitement.
"Hey, what class do you have?" She asked me.
"Um.. Spanish I think, but I was going to ditch," I said.
"Oh. Well I have Spanish.. fourth period. What do you have next though?" She asked. I pulled my schedule out of my bag.
"Okay, cool. I have math too. Are you ditching that too? Because I was hoping we could talk a little," she said.
"N-No, I'll go. See you there?" I asked, feeling my face flush.
"Yeah, I'll be there."

HEY GUYZ! So new fanfic.. ^-^ I guess it's a little boring now, but I have some ideas and high hopes for this story. Thanks for reading, and stick around for the rest of it pleaseeee!
Xx, murnda.

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