Chapter 2 Snow White

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                We ate our breakfast with normal table talk, and hurriedly ran out the door to get to school on time. Aaron jumped into his car, speeding off to pick up his girl of the week on his way to school. I got into my mine and went to straight to the one place that didn't haunt me with all my nightmares. As I pulled into the parking lot I quickly scanned all the cars for his shiny red BMW. There it was, in the same place as usual. I smiled when I saw his tall lean body leaning against it giving me that smile. You know those smiles that literally melt your heart? Well lets just say he was a pro at it. I parked my car and ran over to him and he pulled me to into a hug. He was the first person I trusted with my past, the first person I let in since my childhood. And honestly he made it hurt less, but even he couldn't keep the nightmares away. No one or nothing could. Three years in counseling couldn't even do the trick. I was to forever suffer with the memories those people unleashed on me. 

"Come on babe the bell is about to ring." Garret pulled me out of my thoughts.

                      I smiled and placed my hand in his as we began to make our way into the school building. I looked up at Garret and my heart melted on the spot. He was tall with the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. His perfect built body covered in soft golden skin. He was gorgeous. He looked down at me catching me staring causing a blush to creep over my pale skin. He gently squeezed my hand and smiled then continued saying hi to everyone we passed by.

   Our school was definitely a cliched idea of what high school life was like. You had the jocks and cheerleaders who of course was the popular group. Which of course Garret belonged to and me being his girlfriend of course threw me into that world. Lets be honest I hated cheer leading and snotty girls, and I wasn't at all the type of girl to sleep around by choice or bully other people. So obviously if I hadn't been with Garret I'd be no where near this group. To be honest I didn't have any friends really. And it wasn't because I wasn't like able, I just didn't trust anyone and didn't want to try. Garret was enough. He always has been, since the moment I met him. 

             We stopped walking and Garret gently nudged me towards my locker while talking to his best friend Ryan. I opened my locker and pulled out my books I would need for the day and quickly closed it.  I couldn't help but to feel someone staring at me, I looked up to see Ryan's eyes directly on me. I shifted in place, a little uncomfortable and grabbed Garret's arm. Who happened to not notice his best friend eyeing his girlfriend. Finally after an awkward minute of Garret going on to Ryan about basketball and Ryan starring at me, the bell rang tearing them both from what ever had them so distracted. I wasn't exactly unfamiliar with Ryan's weird attitude. I would sometimes catch him looking at me. And not in the 'i want to screw you here and now way' but in a way where he almost knew and understood what had happened to me. He watched me like he was waiting for me to crack or break. Though with all the starring he has never said one word to me. It was odd specially being Garrets best friend but honestly in the world I came from, unusual wasn't a big threat to me. I've made it through worse. 

"You don't need to walk me to class today, it's literally around the corner and yours is all the way in the other direction. No need for you to be late" I turned towards Garret, not wanting to be around Ryan's watchful eyes anymore. 

"Are you sure? I really don't mind" He replied in his sweet voice. I smiled at him and nodded. He leaned over and gently kissed my forehead and turned off in the other direction with Ryan following him looking back at me every once in awhile. 'Gosh that kid was weird' I said to myself as I walked over to my first class. History one of my favorite classes. I walked into the class and quickly took my normal seat and patiently waited for the next bell to ring. After the bell to start class rang Mr. Woodson walked to the front of the room and began roll call. After he had finished he pushed up his over sized glasses and wrinkled his nose,

"Okay class we have a new student, Please deary come in." he said. A beautiful blond girl walked in putting her head down to cover her embarrassment. Being introduced in the middle of the school year isn't always the greatest time. But she was gorgeous. She had nothing to worry about. 

"Please tell us you name" Mr. Woodson broke me out of me stare. I wan't embarrassed though, I looked around the class to see the rest of the students looking at her the same way. 

"Hi, my name Elizabeth but you can all call me Beth" she announced with a sweet voice. 

"Wonderful! You can take a seat next to Kadien! Kadien raise your hand. Oh and welcome to Richword High Beth!" Mr. Woodson said in his jolly tone. I raised my hand and she smiled at me then took a seat next to me. 

"Hi I am Kadien it's nice to meet you." I said to her. 

"Wow you are beautiful, for some reason when I look at you all I see is snow white" she replied with a shy giggle. My whole body froze. 

My own little snow white. Come to me, I am your prince charming.

                Before I could help it my legs were up and running pulling me far away from my class and straight to my car as tears poured down my face. I got into my car and did the only thing that felt rational at that moment I drove to the woods. The only place I could beg my wolf to take over so I didn't have to think. So I didn't have to remember. So I didn't have to look like me, the thing he loved the most. 

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