Chapter 18

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"We have to call the police. We have to do something...tell someone," Dani was staring at Jax as he massaged the temples of his forehead. They were both still outside, leaning against the cabin as the sounds of the couple inside continued.

Jax shook his head and grabbed Dani's hand. She stumbled behind him as the groans of Mrs. Morgan and Dr. Silverman became faint. He rubbed his forehead in frustration before finally responding, "I am the police Dani! What do you expect to report him for? Having an affair? Just because he's scum doesn't make him a criminal."

"So he gets away with it? What if he really did get all those women pregnant, Jax? This can't be right!"

"If the women consented, there's nothing I can do."

"It could be fraud! He's defrauding the husbands," Dani argued.

Jax felt a pounding behind his eyes. He didn't want to think about all of the children Dr. Bart Silverman possibly had, "Maybe this was the first time he's-"

"No way! Considering how he acted...there's no way," Dani stepped into their cabin and paced the floors like a nervous ball of energy.

"Even if that's the case, we have to keep this hidden for now," Jax watched as Dani stopped her pacing and stared at him, mouth open.

"What did you say?"

"As far as we know, these women are consenting. We can't even prove he's slept with anyone else other than Mrs. Morgan. We're here to find out what happened to Callie Sommerby and Tammy Owens. That's the priority Dani. Don't forget that."

"So I'm supposed to close my eyes and keep my mouth shut?"

"I didn't use those exact words Panda Eyes. After we figure out what happened to Callie and Tammy, then we can expose this place for what it really is. Until then...hear me out. Pretend you don't know anything," Jax had placed his hands on her shoulders and squeezed. It reminded Dani of Dr. Silverman's touch which made her feel a bit queasy in the pit of her stomach. She stepped back and ran a hand through her hair, pulling on it more than she should have.

"Fine...but if he touches me again, I'm kicking him in the-"

"If he touches you again, I'll kick him first," Jax pulled her in a hug, causing Dani to feel confused again. She slowly pulled out of his grasp.

"Jax, about that kiss..."

"I told you. Don't worry about it. It was just for our cover. We're partners, remember?"

Dani nervously tugged at her fingers, "About that. There's something I need to tell you."

A pounding at their cabin door interrupted their conversation. Jax opened the door to see a tear-stained Shelly demanding to see Dani.

Dani's eyes widened in surprise as Shelly pushed past Jax and ran straight into her. Shelly wrapped her arms around Dani like an octopus as she whispered, "Can I talk to private?"

Dani looked at Jax who seemed just as surprised by their unexpected visitor. He motioned to Dani that he'd leave them and she nodded, noticing Shelly's mascara had begun to run down her face.

"Shelly, what's wrong? " Dani tried extracting herself from the crying woman's grip. She dreaded the nightmares she might see from Shelly.

"Bo...Bo...cheated on me!"

She sounded like a choking seagull and Dani cringed as Shelly continued to sob.

"Shelly? Shelly? Shelly!" Dani shouted to get her attention. "Why are you saying Bo cheated on you? Did he admit it?"

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