Chapter Nine ~ Training

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Aisa was wearing new clothes.

I wince slightly. I hadn't taken him out to shop despite promising him I would. Then I shrug. What did it matter? Aiden took him anyways and he still got his new clothes.

"Alright, now that we're officially a team, it's time for introductions," I announce. "But we're going to do this slightly differently. Aisa is going to introduce Kento, Kento will introduce Michiko and Michiko will be introducing Aisa."

"Huh?" Aisa asked. "Introduce other people? How? Like just their names?"

"Anything you want," I shrug. "Whatever you know about them, whatever you've learned through observation."

"I don't really get it," Michiko admits. "Can you give us an example?"

I sigh slightly. "Fine. I will introduce Michiko, Michiko will do Aisa, Aisa will do Kento and Kento will do me. That's the new and final order. Got it?"

They nod. I study Michiko once more before opening my mouth to speak.

"This is Michiko," I stated the obvious for their benefit. "She was raised by her mom, single but going around," Michiko winced slightly. "She relies on others too much and knows that she does. Therefore she tries to work hard to become useful in missions. She's mildly skilled in all three jutsu's, and can work to better herself in all categories. I do sense however that her greatest will be genjutsu." I finish the invasive but very brief observational explanation and give the girl a pointed look. "You aren't working hard enough, just thought you might want to know."

Michiko's face is bright red as she nods furiously.

"Now, Michiko, your turn," I said, giving her permission to take the stand.

Still red, Michiko slightly sputtered. "This is Aisa," she introduced. "He loves ramen and his older brother Aisa. He's strongest in taijutsu, and needs to work more with his chakra. He's a nice guy," her last sentence was accompanied by a blush.

Aisa's face blushed too, but only in the slightest. I would have been the only one able to detect it. I tilt my head slightly. The introduction she had given was mediocre at best. But it seemed as though she had known more, based on her body language and posture, yet had simply not said them. Why?

Oh. Ugh. Because she cared.

Aisa was now wearing a smirk. "This is Kento, and he's an idiot." He starts out. Ah, the rivalry of two boys on a team. Camaraderie and idiocy combine. Kento playfully punched him in the arm. But they seemed to be good friends as well.

Aisa continued. "He loves sushi and macaroni and cheese! Kento is best at ninjutsu; he can do some awesome jutsu with his chakra! That doesn't make him any less of an idiot though," he finished with a little laugh. 

Kento then turned to moi. I smirked a little as he observed me carefully. Let's see what this genin could correctly observe about me, without barely knowing me.

It would also give me more insight to his intelligence gathering skill.

"You're deadly," The two words spilled out of his mouth in a moment of stunned silence.

So blunt, without fear.

My smirk widened. I liked that. "Bravo, tell me, what else?"

The air chilled a little and I could sense Michiko and Aisa getting mildly uncomfortable.

"You're broken."

In an instant, Kento was on his back, my foot being five milliseconds away from crushing his chest so that his ribs punctured his heart. He would die a death is extreme pain, gasping for each last breath, begging for--

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