Chapter 5

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Andi's POV

I woke up early because we had that football game and homecoming asking. Today our whole school is wearing white so I got a white crocheted shirt, some jeans, converse and ray bands. I braided my hair and the ate a quick breakfast. After that I brushed my teeth, grabbed my penny board and hopped outside finding two rocks. 'Will you go to Homecoming? Bring me your answer' was written out in chalk on my walkway. Then I saw two rocks, one small one that said yes and a gigantic one that said no. After I grabbed the small one Jace appeared and said, "Have you made your decision?" "Yes I'd love to go to homecoming!!" I ran up to him and he twirled me around. We kissed and We walked over to school holding hands. Everyone who say us whispered, "ooh, they're  cute!" Or "ugh, why does he like her?!" During class the teachers let your couple sit together. Lunch was ok, Maverick was a little awkward, but in the end I had to talk with him. "Uh, are you ok with me and Jace dating, or is it awkward for you?" "I'm fine, your my bet friend and I will be ok with any of your decisions." "Ok, I still love you but as a friend." "I love you too." Maverick is awesome!

Maverick's POV

"I love you too." I told her... But not as a friend. I decided to ask out Eve because we can just go as friends. I didn't want to make anything awkward plus she wants to make Lang jealous!

Jace's POV

I am so happy Andi said yes because I really like her and I want us to have a great night! After school Andi and I walk back and then I decide to go get a suit or something, because I should at least look nice!

Andi's POV

I cannot believe I have to wear a dress!! I don't even own a dress! All of my life I've wore jeans, shorts, and I think that's it! I can't wear a dress when I skateboard so that's no help! I call Eve because this is an emergency!

A- Eve! Help I don't own or wear dresses so what do I do?!?!

E- Look, I own plenty of dresses just walk the bridge and you can see what I have!

A- be over in a sec👣

Eve is my next door neighbor and when we were little, our dads built us this bridge that goes from my window to her window so when we ever wanted a sleepover or just visit, it was easier! I just climb out my window and walked the bridge. Her window was already open so I hopped in and saw her going through some dressed in her room. "Evie! I see you've already picked some out!" "Yep and I think this one is perfect for you!!" I try on the dress and it was stunning! It was like a dark turquoise with sequence on the neck line. It was strapless but I liked it! "I can't believe I'm wearing a dress!" "I can't believe I've seen you in a dress!" "Thank you soooo mush Evie!" "No problem, I need to get my dress by the way!" "Oh! I almost forgot!" "What?" "Uh, Homecoming Game!" "Oh, let's go!" I change out of my dress, hop on the bridge and grab my phone, wallet, house keys, ticket, and some gum in a little purse. We run to school get inside, find Jace and Maverick on the bleachers, and watch the game.

Hey, thank you for reading and I hope you guys like the story! XOXO - Ella

To be Continued...
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