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Your dedicated 'cause I remembered you like The Misfits. :)

Readers beware! This story contains incest! If you don't like it and un-fan cause of this then I totally understand! o.O I'm not a fan of this kind of story either, just thought I'd try writing one. And I totally made it this far.... o.O


I stood in front of the big dressing room mirror, just looking right into the mirror. Not really looking at himself. Just standing there thinking. Thinking about how I got here, where I am in life I mean and not physically here in front of the mirror.

Then I decided to start putting my stage make-up on, since I was supposed to be on stage in an hour or so. It used to take me an hour when I first started doing my own make-up, now it takes at least twenty minutes, more or less.

I had to cover up my eye-brows with wax from Mac Cosmetics and once that was nice and dry I had to put a white cream base all over my face- as if I really needed it- to get a pale face, so I looked like a corpse. Again its not like I needed make-up to make me look the part. I rolled my eyes at the thought.

As I was lining my eyes with a thick layer of eye-liner, I saw a dark blob make it's way behind me, snaking it's arms around my waist.

"Off!" I tell my twin brother. I saw he started to pout and did as I asked, more like demanded.

"What did I do?" He asks confused. I rolled my eyes.

"Nothing, but if you couldn't see before you hooked your self too me, I was clearly doing my make-up." I say flatly, I hate being bothered when I'm doing my make-up.

"That makes you sound gay brother." He states. As I was setting my eye-liner, with a black eye shadow.

"You of all people should know that's very true, little brother." I say in a dull tone, clearly not in the best moods, tonight.

"Little? Hardly. We're only two minutes apart!" He always gets offended when I call him "little brother."

"Well stop acting like it then." I say in uninterested tone, as I start putting cover up on my mouth and drawing on the rest of my usual stage make-up.

I looked in the mirror seeing if everything looked good. What I saw instead of looking at my face, was my stupid brother drooling at his own reflection. Idiot! I thought rolling my eyes and then I looked at my own face, the same as his but mine had nicely done skull make-up on.

If your wondering why he doesn't have his make-up on yet, its cause he's defiantly not in my band. Only cause he's too lazy to learn to play a instrument and he hates the idea of being "too well known." I rolled my eyes at that thought.

And he's only here to mess about, 'cause he think its okay, just 'cause where brothers. Sometimes I wonder about him.

The lights in the dressing room where getting too hot and I really didn't want my make-up to melt off. I powdered my face one more time. After I did that I took off my "normal"clothes and put on this one piece skeleton suite which got a bit hot in, so I wore absolutely nothing underneath.

"Blade?" My stage manger calls.

"Yeah, in here Dex!" I call back, now sitting on the sofa that was put in there just for my lazy ass; but of course Liam made himself comfy on my lap, but I didn't mind. We had a very close relationship.

I know what you must be thinking, "But you guys are twin and twins usually are pretty close!" No, not for us, its more then that. I mean we treat each other like we're not brothers.

Dex walks in, his dread locks bouncing with each step. He notices us having one of our moments. "Oh, do you guys need a minute?" he asks looking at us with those piercing blue eyes.

Dex is one of the few people that know about "us." What ever we are, he said he doesn't care and it's none of his business, but ours. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't a prove of "us" and only puts up with it 'cause he just might be in love with my brother. He probably just wants to see him happy.

Don't get mad at me either I'm not in love with my brother, I just like his kisses and I'm not going to admit this out loud or to him but he gives the best blow jobs. Better then my last boyfriend's I had.

Dex called my name again, I must have zoned out. "Yeah?" I finally reply.

"Did you need some more time? 'Cause the boys want you on stage." He asked again.

I thought about it for a second, "No, we're good. I'll be right there!" I tell him and he walks off. Then I look at my brother. "Off." I smile.

He sighs, "One kiss then I'll go join the crowed."

"Fine then." I give him a small satisfying kiss, then saunter off to the stage.

I walk on stage, Jimmy my best friend, lead guitarist and ex hand's me my bass. I strap it on while I creep my way to the mic stand, the lights are turned off and the crowed goes insane.

Silence, then the room slowly beings to fill with the sounds of guitars crashing. I start singing.

"OoOoh! OoOoh! Whoa! whoa! Whoa! Oooh, There's 52 ways to murder anyone..."


I'm going to end it there.... :3

Tell me what you think about this. Do you guys like this kind of thing? If not I'll take it down and re-write it and make it into a mystery/horror/romance or something.


Thank you for your time! <3

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