Chapter two (next to you)

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Lilly P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning on my bed. How did i get here? When did i get here? Who got me here? In a flash my answers were about to be answered when i felt an arm wrap around my waist possessively. I turned around and there was Marc with no shirt on and a the jeans he had on yesterday.

Let me tell you his muscled were showing every trace. I just couldn't help it that i started tracing the lined with my fingers. He shrouded under my touch and snuggled closer to me. His eyes fluttered open and suddenly a cocky smirk appeared on his face. And guess what he says next. "Its okay if you loving the view" i smacked his arm playfully and headed towards the bathroom "mind if i join you babe"

I know this guy did not just called me babe. I chose to ignore it and took a nice steamy shower. I let my hair air dry because it has this natural curl. I wrapped the towel around me. I forgot something. I looked around and saw that i forgot to get clothes.

Me in a towel and a horny babysitter will not result into anything good. I opened the bathroom door as slow as possible. I looked around to see that his back was facing the window. Great here's my chance. I bolted to my walk in closet. "Hey Lilly d- well look who came , the main performance" i looked at him with disgust and headed to my closet. I picked out my cheetah print jegging and a white polo shirt with a red polo logo. Some black flats and a black sweater.

I got out and saw he was already dresses. Too bad i was enjoying the view.

I finished dressing myself and headed downstairs just in time to see Marc getting ready to leave.

"Lets go" he said and left. Go where? I'm confused but i'm guessing that my mom still hasn't come so he has to feed me.


In the car it was silence. So i decided to play a game. "How about we play 21 questions." I asked with a tad of hope. "Ummmmmm......sure whatever" yay "okay so what do you do for a living" "model" wow a model no wonder he looks so fine. "Do you have a girlfriend" "no.......but who knows it might be you someday" he winked at me and instantly my cheeks reddened. I turned around.

21 questions later it was his turn ask. "Favorite color" "orange" i know it seems weird that its my favorite color but i love it. "Single" "yes" i answered and my face turned red in embarrassment. Darn my easily reddened cheeks.

He was pretty cool to hang out with.


We reached a little dinner outside the city of Philly. It was old fashioned and beautiful. What can i say this guy has a good taste. He jogged to my side of the car and opened the door. Hmm a gentleman too? "My lady" he said in a British accent. I giggled in response.

This day turned out to be a good day.

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