Chapter 13

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*Sunday night*

Why am I even here? All I ever do is get into trouble. If it isn't for one thing, it's for another.

Maybe I should just run away.

No. I can't do that to my family. They would be so upset.

But then again... I could always come back. I could leave for like a week, and come back.

But what if they file a police report of me missing.

I could always leave a note saying not to, and that I'll be back.

But then what's the point of running away? If I'm just gonna come back, why leave at all?

To get away from them. That's why.

Am I really arguing with myself? I guess I am.

There was a knock on my door that pulled me out of my thoughts. The door opened, and Uncle Harry came in.

"What's up?" He asked. I sighed. I couldn't tell him what my thoughts are.

"Just thinking." I told him. He came over and sat up against my headboard with me.

"About what?" He asked. It makes me feel guilty sitting here with him, and seeing him ask about my thoughts. Guilt sucks.

"Nothing. Just a lot on my mind." I told him. He sighed, but nodded his head.

"Well, dinners ready." He said, getting off my bed and holding a hand out for me to grab.

I grabbed his hand, and we made our way downstairs. We got to the dining room, and I sat in between Uncle Harry and Uncle Niall.

It seems like they're the only two who still love me, and doesn't act like a big grump.

I put some food on my plate, and started eating slowly.

It seemed as if they talked like I wasn't there. I was just another person at the table that they had to feed.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled. Everybody stopped talking, and looked towards me.

"For what?" Dad asked. I sighed.

"Everything. For Jack, for lying, and just everything." I said.

"We forgive you, pumpkin. But you just have to stop lying to us." Uncle Harry said from beside me.

I nodded my head. I did need to stop lying. But now I feel even more guilty.

"Go wash up and head to bed." Dad said, looking at me. I nodded.

I got up, and went upstairs, taking a shower. When I got out if the shower, I went back downstairs and saw everybody standing and doing something.

Dad was doing the dishes, Uncle Niall was cleaning off the table, Uncle Zayn was drying the dishes, Uncle Louis was just standing in his phone, and Uncle Harry was drinking tea.

I went over to Dad, and hugged him from behind. He jumped, and turned his head to see me.

He dried off his hands, and hugged me back.

"I got it from here, mate." Uncle Zayn said. Dad nodded, and went to sit in a chair. He pulled me in between his legs, and held my hands.

"What's up?" He asked. I just shook my head, and hugged him.

If it's hurting me this much, how am I going to go through with it?

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

"I told you that you're forgiven." He said. I nodded, keeping the tears in my eyes.

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