When He Got Kurt Alone

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-Blaines POV-

-Warning: we might make you like Jeremiah aka GAP guy.-

The final bell of the day rings and I watch as Kurt smiles and waves goodbye to some of the guys. His smile is enough to make anybody's heart skip a beat.

"Dude Blaine!" I'm shocked back to reality by a familiar voice.

"Oh um hey." I say, looking up at a tall man with curly golden locks.

"Who was that guy you were drooling over?" He asks, helping me up.

"What?" I ask playing innocent. "Oh did you see the new avengers movie?" I ask, hoping the change of subjects will work.

"Blaine...don't play games, anyways come on we gotta get to the Lima Bean before it's too busy." Jeremiah says practically dragging me out to his car.

"Hey Jerry, I need to tell you something, but I'll tell you during coffee" I smile throwing the front doors open and escaping into the warm afternoon sun.

"So Blainey has a boyfriend." Jeremiah teases, I halve glare halve smile because yes I'd like to date Kurt, but no I'm not.

"Do not." I protest sticking my tongue out childishly.

"Awww, you like him though!" Jeremiah laughs at my pouty face.

"Maybe" I mutter under my breath and gaze out the window for a while.

"Blaine, you should tell him" he says on a much more serious note. I don't get to see him being serious very often and if I'm being completely honest it's strange and almost scary because of how unusual it is. The last he was this serious he was thanking me for saving him. Not that I did much, I only called the police.

"But..." I sigh.

"But?" Jeremiah prompted.

"But he's too good for me." I finish. He's a smart junior with great hair, seriously great hair. And big dreams. He knows who he wants to be, he knows how he needs to get there and I'm just lost. And short, which Kurt likes to point out a lot. He's just teasing though.

"How do you know he doesn't think the same thing?" Jeremiah teases.

"Just, I just know. Kurt is out there he's like gay-gay and bold, I'm not so much...Even Kurt's friend Rachel wanted to make out with me and she knew I was gay."

"Blaine. Stop it you are an amazing guy" Jeremiah says as we pull into a park at the shop and head in. "And things aren't always what you think they are." Jer adds. "I thought that working at the GAP would be fun but then I broke up with Jamie and he puts me in the sock isle." I laugh, Jeremiah really thought dating his manger was a good idea?

We order our coffees and slide into a Booth. For a short time it was just a comfortable silence. "Blaine I've got it!" Jer says happily and beaming from ear to ear.

"What's it?"

"A way for you to get Kurt into your arms, or at least find out if he likes you" I begin actively listen as Jeremiah begins with his plan."So your in the weird acapella group right?" Jer starts.

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