Two Years

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Two Years

Boy with blue shimmering eyes

With scent of the ocean and it's tides.

You pulled me towards you

And suddenly I became anew.

All that glitters isn't gold,

Why wasn't this told to me before?

You aren't who you said you were,

You're a dirty disgusting monster.

You attract people with your eyes,

Trap them in a jar with your lies.

I changed into a girl no one recognized anymore,

You turned me into a silent door.

A door is only noticed when necessary.

No one really wants to talk to a door, do they?

What other choice do I have?

My friends have deserted me.

I don't know where else to go,

But you told me 2 years and then I'm free.

I anxiously wait those two years

For it is after that I rid these bounding chains.

My future will be untold.

But he can't be the one who is to unfold.

Two years later I will be set free.


©2011 Skyler Jayne

~Writing Tales of Love and Heartbreak ♥ ~

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