Chapter 3 Definite betrayal (to some degree)

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So... its the third chapter. Id like to thank the guys who stuck with the unbelievable prophecy/story and kept reading.

Id just like to say again though. Trust me: it gets believable.


Chapter 3 Definite betrayal (to some degree)

"WHO IS HE?!" Ron demanded. Hermione finally met his gaze. Her words were barely a whisper but both the boys heard them clearly.

"Draco Malfoy"

Harry was so shocked he let go of his hold on Ron. Ron launched himself at Hermione "You whore!" He screamed. Harry grabbed Ronald before he could do any damage but Hermione didn't move away or try to defend herself when Ron swung his arms at her.

Ron was struggling against Harry's grasp and Harry grabbed Ron's wand before he could curse her to oblivion.

"Let go of me Harry!" Ron screamed. "She betrayed us! She betrayed us all!" Then he spat at Hermione's feet. When Ron had stopped struggling against Harry's grasp, Harry slowly released him. Ron immediately ran to the door. Just before he ran out he stopped and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a small box. "I guess I won't be needing this shit then." He said throwing it at her but not waiting to see where it had landed. He ran off down the spiral staircase hitting things on his way down.

Hermione stood there holding her breath. She wished that she would just stop breathing and just die already. Swap her life for Fred's or Lupin's or Tonks'. She did not deserve to live. She looked at Harry. "Aren't you going to hit me too?" Harry didn't answer.

"Is it true?" he said looking at her. His green eyes wide. "Do you really love him?" Hermione looked away and nodded. "So that's why you always defended him." Harry muttered. "I don't think I can look at you anymore." He said.

"Harry." She Whispered.

"I don't think I can even be in the same room as you." He said with disgust. "Good luck finding your parents. I hope you guys will be happy together." With that Harry ran out to join Ron.

Hermione dropped to the floor. She felt like she couldn't breathe. It felt as if someone had ripped her chest apart. It hurt more than the cruciatus curse. It hurt more than losing her pride and dignity back at Malfoy Manor.

Hermione lay on the cold hard ground sobbing. Her hand had brushed against something small. She opened her eyes. She stopped momentarily to sit up, grabbing the small box Ron had thrown at her.

She opened it with trembling fingers. Inside was a small silver band.

A ring. She picked it up and with closer inspection she could see tiny words inscribed around the band that read:

"The light will always lead me to you. R.W"

At those words Hermione broke down completely.


So that's the third chapter. pretty short i know.

Comment and tell me what you thought. Good or bad it will always be appreciated :)

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