Chapter 2

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Sabrina: get the fuck off of me

I snatched away from him.

Sabrina: why the fuck are you here?! I haven't seen you in years. Why are you bothering me.

Colin: I've really missed you and I just want back what I had. You let that nigga come in between what we had Sabrina I thought you loved me.

Sabrina: you are fucking psycho! Bitch you abused me, why the fuck would think I loved you. I hate your fucking guts and I can't wait to tell Chris so he can fuck you up

Colin: I ain't worried about that nigga. It's just a matter of time before he cheats on you again. I don't get it he treats you like you ain't shit but you still stay with his ass.

Sabrina: can you just leave me alone?

Colin: no baby I miss you

The elevator finally stopped. I rushed out and tried to run to my door and he blocked me.

Sabrina: COLIN LEAVE! We have been over for years. Why aren't you going after Karrueche she's your child's mother

Colin: I never loved her I only did that to get back at you and Chris

Sabrina: you are fucking crazy. Can you go please?

I tried to move but he pushed me back and got in my face

Sabrina: move Colin

Colin: I know you miss me

He grabbed my arms

Sabrina: your hurting me

Colin: all the good times we had, all the love we made. All the shit I gave you. We had it all


His grip on my arms was getting tighter and tighter

Colin: I know I put my hands on you but I can work on that I promise

Sabrina: let me go pleeease!

Colin: I love you Sabrina, it's time for you to come back to me

I was about to knee him in his balls until he went flying up the hallway

I looked and I saw Chris's bodyguards

Chris pulled me to him

Sabrina: OMG baby

Chris: get his stupid ass out of here. PUT YO HANDS ON HER AGAIN AND IMMA KILL YO BITCH ASS!

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room

Chris: what the fuck was he doing here?!

Sabrina: the concierge came up and got me talking about I had a delivery I went down stairs and that nigga bought me a Ferrari! I told them to take it back and get on the elevator and next thing I know he was getting on after me. I tried to get off but he yanked me back

Chris: I can't believe this shit

Sabrina: me either


Sabrina: I don't know Chris! I have talked to his ass in years!

Chris: this is so fucking crazy! We keep running into people

Sabrina: did you run into somebody?

Chris: Erica....yesterday

I rolled my eyes

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