Play 34: Bad News In The Afternoon

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Noticing the fierce look on my face, Yuri pretended to shake from fear.

"Jun-chan, please stop. You look so scary."

I shot her a sideway glance before getting up from the floor. "Well, just make sure you send me back. Then I can make sure that stupid guy dies in my hands." With a loud snort I stepped out of the room and went back to the hall.

It turned out that after I went off, Matsumoto talked to Kondou about cleaning up the entire place and setting up a room for medical care. Everyone was reluctant to do so, but they still did it anyway. Within a day, a speck of dust was not found in any hidden corners of the temple, and a well-ventilated room was prepared.

"Well, you've certainly cleaned this place up." Matsumoto looked very pleased as he inspected the area from top to bottom.

Nagakura's face was smug. "It better be. We busted our asses."

"Yeah, except for Souji." Beside him, Heisuke sighed, feeling slightly unfair. "The only thing his ass busted was a chair. Doesn't seem fair to me..."

I let out a soft giggle, though an uncomfortable feeling was stirring in me. My mind was reminding me again and again how Okita Souji would die, and for the millionth time I cursed myself for being so worthless.

"Can't blame me if Hijikata-san's an overprotective old woman." Souji seemed disappointed that he didn't help out with the cleaning.

Hijikata's eyes were squinting in an annoyed manner as he glared. "Shut it. You can run around all you want soon as you go a day without coughing up a lung." Although no one noticed it, I nodded repeatedly, feeling a little complicated that Hijikata and I would have something we agreed on.

"Nonetheless, a clean home is a nice change." Saito's lips was slightly turned up, much to my surprise. It was rather rare to see him smile, and my jaw almost dropped to the ground due to the shock.

It was Hijikata's turn to smirk. "True. The place looks...different. I guess I could get used to this."

"Well, maybe we should clean everyday then," Harada suggested and the others nodded,in agreement.

"Great idea!" Nagakura exclaimed. "Make sure you do a good job, Heisuke!"

I choked back a laughter as I watched Nagakura and Heisuke arguing about who should do more, and raised a hand almost timidly. "If you want, I can help too." I didn't get to do household chores back in the modern times because I had servants. Now, since I had nothing to do and didn't want to take care of the crazy Byakko kids, I decided that I should lend a helping hand.

Heisuke'e eyes brightened immediately like a little boy who just received a present. "Good, good! We'll all give it a shot tomorrow, all right?"

I grinned back at him, and Nagakura got flustered. "Hey, wait a minute! When exactly did I tell you I was gonna help?"

"Shinpachi, there's some trash over there." Hijikata jerked his head. "Go throw it away."

"We aren't starting till tomorrow, right? Heisuke?" Nagakura turned to the younger boy for help, but he just smirked and ignored him. With a loud growl, he began to chase Heisuke around the hall.

"Stop running around like that. We've just cleaned, and you're already kicking up dust," Saito pointed out, but the other two men weren't listening. I bit back my laughter when I noticed Souji stepping out with Matsumoto. Glancing back at the other men, I tip-toed my way out, making sure to follow them closely. Souji and Matsumoto were in the courtyard when I finally reached. I tried to hide myself as best as I could as I felt a little guilty for trying to eavesdrop.

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