Chapter 3:

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-Anna, Mexico is very different. Everything is different. Many families in Mexico do not have a lot of money. Many families in Mexico do not have cars. It is a very good opportunity for you - said the professor.

-I am very happy. I'm very happy because I have this opportunity. Thanks for helping me.

It is a special day when Ana goes to the Los Angeles airport. Her family came to the Los Angeles airport. Sara and Elsa also accompany Ana to the airport. The Los Angeles airport is very large.

Ana pulls out her plane ticket. Going to Mexico in the Mexican airline. They all go to the Mexican terminal at the airport.

Anna is sad and excited. She also has a bit of fear.

Looking to her friends and family. She hugs them all. Everyone screams goodbye to Anna and climbs up the plane.

Three hours later Ana is located in Guadalajara. Then take another plane and they go directly to Tepic, Nayarit. Nayarit is a state of Mexico, such as California in the United States.

The Sanchez family is not at the airport when Ana was off the plane. She looks for the Sanchez family but cannot find it. She looks a lot but she does not see the family. This makes her very worried.

She sees a man. She speaks to man. He said:

-Hello. Im called Ana. I'm from California. I have a mexican family but they are not here.

-Hello. My name is José Gómez.

Joseph speaks more to Ana but Ana does not understood. José then grasps the hand of Ana. Looking for a taxi. Ana brings out the role that has the address of the family. Ana gives the paper to the taxi driver. Mira to Joseph. She tells him:

-Thank You, Jose. I am very grateful for your help.

-Its nothing. Good luck in Mexico. Good luck with the family.

Ana is in the taxi when she said goodbye to Joseph. She takes the taxi to the new house. Going toward the new family. Going toward the new life of Ana.

Ana is afraid, because the family is not at the airport. Afraid because she is in Mexico. Afraid because they do not understand much English.

When Ana is in the taxi, the driver spoke to Ana but she does not understand anything. She Just smiles and says to him:


The driver looks at the role that has the address of the house. Looking for the house of the Mexican family of Ana. The taxi arrives at the house. She gives a bit of money to the driver. Gets out of the taxi and walks to the door. She taps on the door. A girl of fourteen years old opens the door. Ana looks to the girl. She said:

-Hello. I'm called Ana.

-Hello. I'm called Susan. Oh no! Poor girl! My family was not at the airport. You were single. poor thing! Poor Ana!

Ana just smiles and says to her:

-there is no problem. I am here.

The family explained to her why they were not in the airport, but Ana does not understand anything.

Ana does not understand but she smiles and says:


Ana looks at them all. Everyone is talking. They all speak quickly but she does not understand. Listening but not understanding. This concernedher  because they do not understand anything. Afraid because she is with this family and did not understand anything.

The family Sanchez is a normal family. There is a father and a mother. The father is called Ernesto. The mother is called Julia. They have two daughters and two sons. The daughters are called Jane and Susana. The children are called Paul and John. Jane is sixteen yearsold Susana is fourteen years old. Paul is twelve years and Juan is eight years old. They are a very good family.

The father says to her:

- Welcome to our home. Go to sleep in the bedroom with Susan and Jane. Our house is small but our family is friendly. My house is your house.

Ana smiles because she understands the phrase "Mi Casa es tu casa". Susana spoke a little english and Ana spoke a little Spanish. The two can communicate a little.

-This is my sister Jane - said Susana.

- Hello - said Ana.

- Hello - said Jane.

The three girls go to the bedroom.

- Do You Have boyfriend? How old are you? Do you like school? Do you like the music of Enrique Iglesias?

Ana said:

-please. I Don't understand. Talk more slowly.

- How old are you? - Repeats Susana very slowly.

- I am  fifteen years old - said Ana.

Susana smiles because Ana understands.

- Do You Have boyfriend? - Asked Jane.

- I have no boyfriend - answers Ana.

- Do you like school? - Ana asks Susana.

- Yes, i like it. My school is good. Said Anna.

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