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Chapter-1-"Be my VPA"

Nicolas Witmore's POV

I kept checking the file in front of me for any mistakes, as I do for all the files. But my mind is not here anymore. I hope today is the day. I hope at least today she comes to my office. I am sure my plan will work. I hear my phone rang and picked it up.

"Sir, Ms. June is here. She says she doesn't have an appointment, but she looks like she wants to talk with you. Shall I send her up?", my receptionist asked. Good the plan is working.

"Send her up", I said and cut off.

Good. Now she will come up and tell me why she left me and we both will talk. Things will settle down. Simple as that. Or she will beg me for a job. That's it! But something in my mind tells me that I am wrong. Anyway I am happy that I found my baby girl after all these years. I has been ten years. Ten fucking years! Since the last time I saw. On the day of our graduation.

I was about to make our relationship forever on that day. I was about to propose to her on that day, but she ran away. I don't know why. I never knew the reason. My mind went on many scenarios that can be, but none made sense. After all these ten years, there is only one question in my mind.

Why did she leave me and run away?

Whatever the reason maybe. Now that I got her I will never let her leave my sight. Never. She thinks she can hide from me forever. Well you are wrong baby girl.

After she left me, all I did was to drink alcohol, fuck to forget her, which never happened. After I took over the company when I was twenty-two years, my best friend Xander since grade school, gave me the idea of hiring detectives to find her. He knows everything that happened between us. He felt devastated to see me like that.

Just a month ago, my detectives said they spotted a girl like her in California. I didn't wait for them to complete. I took a flight to go to California to find her. Although at that time my sister was missing, which caused our family a lot of pain and me double, because I love my sister Amelia so much, it all just faded. I have to see my baby girl.

When I found her in the bar, dancing with my own sister that too, it was like a blow to my mind. I never expected to see her there. My mind was screaming go to her. Bu t my legs are stuck to the ground. I can't move in the shock. But before I can react, she ran away, again.

Now, everything changed. I found my sister and also found that Pauline works for her husband. I asked my brother-in-law to fire her from work. He didn't question, but he fired her like I asked. After that on my sister's wedding, she is the bridesmaid and I am the bestman. I tried to talk to her a lot, but she is like a stubborn cat. She said go to hell. I never expected her to say that.

Now, everything is in my hands. The ball is in my hands, I can spin it as I want. My thoughts were cut off when my office door flung open and furiously fucking hot looking Pauline came in. She looked so angry. I just want to crush her to me and feel her against me.

"Mr. Witmore! What do you think of yourself?! Huh?! Just because you own a big company, that doesn't mean you can make fire people from their jobs and take away their livelihood! Also I wi-", I cut her off from her firing words session.

"Mr. June!", I said loudly and she stopped. She glared at me.


"Will you please stop shouting and take a seat so we can talk?", I said clamly.

"What?! Have a talk with you?! Oh, please!".

This is not what I expected. God! She changed!

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