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Pen Your Pride

Taylor Swift didn't prepare me for this love story...

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INFO: This is a new story, I'm going to try out. I hope all you guys didn't abandon me, since I haven't uploaded in what feels like forever but I felt like it was time. The title isn't for sure yet, I'm still messing with ideas, haha. Well, I hope you guys read it and somewhat enjoy it. Comment, vote, or do whatever your hear pleases. (:                                                                                   P.S. Yeah, I uploaded this like a half an hour ago but I had some serious mess ups, so I deleted it and double spell checked it, so I hope everythins good now.

           New opportunities and time to be away from all the drama, that’s how my mother explained the unexpected trip to the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a bunch of rowdy good for nothing males. “It’s just mud” one of them said, while I just fought to hold in all my anger.

            Let me rewind this tale, and start from the beginning so you can really understand why I, Arianna Marie Smith, am living with a bunch of males who think with the wrong head.

            Will do this in parts; part 1: The discussion.

            “Arianna, your father and I have something to discuss with you” my mother said, as I started to put on my earring for the party I would be attending tonight.

            “Can this wait for tomorrow? Megan will be here in five minutes” I said, as the earring clicked in place and I went to touch up my lipstick.

            My mother sighed, “No it can’t. Be downstairs in five minutes” she ordered and walked out of my room. Leaving no time for arguing, I sighed irritated and texted Megan and told her to be here in fifteen instead. I waited until she texted me back okay, before I walked downstairs.

            “Okay, what do we need to discuss?” I asked, sitting roughly on to the couch next to my mom, and across from my dad.

            My mom gave my dad a look who sighed, “Your mother and I are separating” he said it so simple and so plain that I couldn’t help the shock that spread itself across my face.

            “Why?!” I asked, I never thought my parents would ever split up.

            My mom opened her mouth to say something but my father beat her to the punch line, “Different views, and were just not clicking anymore. It’s for the best” he said and my mother gave him a look.

            I looked at him, and then to my mother, and then back to him, and then finally back to my mom. “Is this true mom?” I asked, my mouth going dry, as my body tensed up for her answer.

            It took her a few minutes to answer; it was like she was having a battle with herself. “Yes it’s true” she said tensely, sending him another look.

            I looked at both of them, my heart beat speeding up. I knew my parents fought, every once in a full moon but with their jobs they were rarely together lately. Which was why I’m so shocked, “You guys can’t” I finally got out.

            “We can, and we will. I’m sorry Aria, but in the long run this is a very good decision” my mom said softly rubbing my arm and I just shook my head. I couldn’t believe this.

            “Anything else you want to sprang on me, while were playing, ruin your daughter’s life?” I spat out, as my shock got replaced by my anger. They looked upset, and my eyes widened. “When I said that, I didn’t mean it literally!” I screeched.

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