Chapter 45

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Ross kept his word and slept on the couch that afternoon and after he got back from work on Wednesday morning.

The bed was way too big for only me. I was forced to feel how empty it was without Ross there to cuddle me.

It was like he was gone all over again.

In the morning, Ross knocked on the door to brush his teeth.

I unlocked the door without a word.

He didn't look at me and I didn't look at him.

He didn't speak and neither did I.

The apartment was eerily quiet as I got ready for school. I didn't want to stay a second longer than I had to, so I took an apple and left.

Ross didn't say goodbye.

I wouldn't talk to anyone at school. Not even EJ, Bradley, and Genie.

I served detention and went back home to a depressed apartment to do my homework.

Ross was asleep on the couch with Isabella.

I gently picked Isabella up and took her to her room, laying her in the crib.

Ross and I stayed out of each other's way.

As furious as I was, I couldn't stand not hearing his voice or feeling his kiss or his hugs.

Every time I accidentally looked at Ross, I wasn't sure if I wanted to hit him or kiss him.

We needed to talk the problems out, but we couldn't look at one another without it turning into a ugly fight.

I was doing my homework in our bedroom when he came in.

He dug under the bed for his shoes and slipped them on.

"I'm leaving." He said blandly.

"Bye." I willed myself not to lift my head.

Ross quickly kissed my forehead, "Love you."

"Love you too."

Was he trying to smooth everything over again? Make me forget?

"You left this in the kitchen." Ross handed me my calculator that was scared out of my mind to leave the bedroom for.

"Thanks." I attempted to smile as I took it.

"Um, I'm--"

"No, you're not." I smiled for real, "but thanks for trying."

He began to say something else, but he cut himself off.

He left for work.

My phone vibrated with a Instagram notification.

I opened the app even though I knew what the notification was for.

Instead it with Dylan who posted the picture.

It was a picture of Bradley kissing Dylan's cheek and the caption read, "Happy Birthday to my awesome boyfriend!"

Genie had already commented, "You're so cute!"

I knew I was being beyond stupid, but really?

Genie commented on how adorable they were right after I told her how jealous I was. Did she do that to tell me how dumb I was?

I decided to get off Instagram before I ended up stalking both Bradley and Dylan's profile for more pictures.

Ross texted me around midnight. I didn't read the text.

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