Let's Hop Like Bunnies ;D Ch. 9

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Chapter Nine

I felt something irritate me, so I swatted whatever was disturbing my beauty sleep away. It didn’t continue to bug me, so I smiled a little and began to drift back into my dreamless sleep. I felt something grab my ankles and drag me off the bed. “Ah! What the hell?” I screamed. I felt the cold floor slam up against my body and I gave a little groan of pain. “Why god? Why?!”

“Because you didn’t get up when I tried to shake you awake,” my twin brother said.

“You suck!” I said as I pointed a finger at him.

“Whatever loser. Hurry up so we can get to school,” he urged.

“Why?” I asked as I lifted my head up off the ground and began to get off the ground.

“Because Jase is going to be here soon,” he explained with his teeth clenched.

I lifted one of my wrists and ordered, “Drag me.”

He sighed and said, “Fine. But you owe me now.”

I nodded and I felt myself being dragged across my bedroom floor and to the bathroom. “Whee!” I exclaimed.

“Shut up,” Adrian grumbled.

“Then you have to shut up too because I’m your twin and twins complete each other,” I said as I smiled.

“You are so dumb,” he muttered as he opened the door.

“Then that makes you dumb too because we have identical DNA,” I retorted.

“Shut it Captain Underpants,” he said as he turned on the shower.

“For your information, I am wearing pajamas,” I said.

“Just get in the damned shower,” he exasperated as he left the bathroom.

“Wait did you shower already?” I asked.

“Yeah, like five minutes ago,” he recalled.

“Oh, okay then,” I finished. He was about to close the door when I said, “Wait!”

“What?” he asked, obviously really annoyed.

“You forgot my towel and clothes,” I said in a disappointed voice.

“I’ll get them right now so just shower already,” he concluded.

“Okay,” I replied. I got up off the floor as he exited the bathroom and went to my room. I stripped off my clothes and then turned up the hot water. I was almost done rinsing the conditioner out of my hair when he finally came back in, left my clothes and towel, and left the bathroom again. “Good timing,” I muttered as I got out and finished my usual morning routine. Brushing my teeth and my hair is included in that routine, so don’t puke. I hummed quietly to myself as I went back into my room and dumped my pajamas into the hamper and put on my shoes and walked downstairs.

As soon as I walked into the kitchen, my mom shrieked and slipped on some butter that was left on the ground. Everything kind of went into slow motion for a few seconds. The platter of pancakes she had been holding had flown out of her hands and soared into the air. I ran towards it, but ended up tripping over my mother’s fatness and went flying towards the cabinets. I smacked the ground and a few seconds later, the pancakes fell on top of me. I heard Alecia begin to laugh when I heard a plop and she shut up not even a second later. I looked up and a grimace was on her face, as well as the pancake.

“It’s called karma,” I said with a smiled as I felt mommy take the pancakes off me one by one.

She rolled her eyes and replied, “Whatever you tranny.”

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