Chapter 10: U and Me Equals Six

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***WARNING: The following chapter contains sexual situations. This is meant for anyone 18 years or older only.***  

Gwen was still a bit starry eyed as she walked into Dorian's apartment after the kiss. Unfortunately it wasn't anything more than a kiss due to her bruised rib and the fact that there were friends waiting for Dorian in his apartment. As she touched her lips she smiled to herself floating across the threshold like some virgin after discovering second base. Gwen couldn't help but relive his lips pulling her in, tasting her over again, in her mind.

"This is Gwen my new next door neighbor and baker extraordinaire!" Dorian's voice broke Gwen from her flashbacks. A man with a large smile, thick dusty brown beard and reddish hair held out his hand to her.

Gwen blushed despite the man having no knowledge of what just occurred across the hall. She took his hand and gave a firm shake.

"Dorian can't stop talking about your sweet pie!" His eyebrows raised and lowered as if attached to a string.

"But I haven't made him pie."

"I know." The redheaded man gave a chuckle before Dorian smacked him on his back a little too hard, "Hey, those are your words Dorian, not mine. I'm Nick by the way."

Before Nick could persuade Gwen to give him some pie Dorian ushered her into the living room where three other men sat with their backs to her on a brown leather couch. The far wall held a very large screen television against a plain white background. The apartment had the same layout, only opposite of Annalise's place. Gwen craned her neck to see the kitchen; it wasn't as up to date as her roommate's, with only a simple linoleum blue counter and black appliances.

"Hey everyone this is Gwen my neighbor. Gwen this is Jacob." Dorian pointed to a guy with a shaved head and tattoos scrolling down his neck and fading into a plain grey T-shirt. Dorian explained he's a kindergarten teacher on summer vacation despite Gwen thinking he worked at a biker bar or was possibly a bouncer at a club.

"It's nice to meet you Jacob." Gwen nodded her head while he glanced at her with a quick dip of his head and even smaller smile.

Gwen's neck tingled as hot breath cascaded down to her shoulders, "Don't mind Jacob. He's a bit shy." Dorian whispered in her ear before straightening again and pointing to a guy with short caramel colored hair laced with streaks of gold and scruff around his chin.

"That over there is Rafa. He works in construction. So, if you ever need to have a bakery built he's your guy."

She waved at him but suspected he didn't see her as his back stayed turned to her, watching the television screen. Just as she was ready for Dorian to move on with the introductions Rafa got up and locked his midnight eyes on her. A slight shiver of fear ran through her as he strolled toward her with determination in his step.

The fear gave way to comfort when he reached out a hand and his stern lips relaxed into a heart stopping grin. All Gwen could think was the women were probably whistling at him as they passed his construction sites.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Gwen. So what's this I hear about you needing a bakery built?" She shook his hand but couldn't speak, struck dumb from his smile.

"She's still training to be a baker but I think soon enough she will need a place of her own to sell her stuff. Trust me Rafa, try her desserts you will totally understand that she needs to sell her creations soon! People don't know what they are missing." Dorian wrapped his arm around Gwen's shoulder and the warmth of his touch woke her from the Rafa spell. His thumb rubbed soft circles around her flesh sending prickles up and down her arm.

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