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Zayn sighs as the dismissal bell rung before standing to his feet. "Okay class don't forget your homework and announcement sheet, also be sure to tell your parents or guardians that next week is parent teacher conference." Zayn dismisses clasping his hands together. The man smiles as most children rushed over to the table with easy worksheets while the rest ran to the belongs area of the room. He watches as a few parents enter the room, looking better than when they had dropped off their child in the dead of morning. After a few brisk greets and dismisses the classroom was clear, well all accept one.

Callie Payne sat alone at her desk starting on her homework, it wasn't a rare sight. Her father's assistant was most likely late, again. A smile proceeds to grow on Zayn's face in amusement, as watches her huff, pushing her brunette locks out of her face. She's honest to Allah one of the cutest kids Zayn has ever met, and he has met a lot of them, not to forget she's sweetheart when it comes to helping around class or following directions first time given, Zayn slowly makes his way over toward her. "Hi Miss Payne, everything over here alright?" Zayn raises an eyebrow as he squats down next to her.

She gives a sigh before looking up at him with large glossy puppy eyes. "Dad isn't here, he promised he was going to be here." She sniffes trying to wipe away at her tear stained cheeks. Zayn's eyes soften as he watches her fall apart, he can relate to her, as a child he had barley known he even had a father; the man always put work before family. "Your father is really busy with work, I'm sure he wanted to be here," Zayn tries, rubbing at her back softly trying his best to comfort her. "This work is also really hard." She lets out a wrecked sob, dropping her glittery pencil and turning to the teacher before hugging him.

The man is taken by surprise but eventually he does hug back all in good time. "Shh," he hums quietly, rubbing circles into her back. He waits for her sobs to calm down, when they do, he pulls away from the hug. "I can't help with your father but I can help with the homework, sweetheart." Zayn smiles kindly at her. "Thank you, Mr. Malik." She smiles back, wiping away the rest of her tears like they were never there.

"It's no problem, after all, I am your teacher." he teases standing up fully. The child giggles at this, continuing to stare at the man as if he hung the moon himself. He honestly didn't mind her using him as a shoulder to cry on, all of his students have cried on him at least once, though it was usually over something much smaller than this; like getting a star taken away or getting their behavior color moved. Zayn leans forward on her desk, eyes examing the paper, before he finds a simple way to break it down to her in a much easier matter. Zayn taps his fingers along his keyboard, taking a sip from his coffee cup and glancing in Callie's direction every once in a while.

"Need anymore help Miss Payne?" he questions, pausing as he waits for a reply. "No thank you, Mr. Malik, I have it now." She smiles brightly returning back to her work as he did the same. He lets his thoughts drift while he works quietly, why do the good kids always have dicks for parents? He asks himself. He can't help but think ill of Mr. Payne, a man he has yet to meet, the only parent he hasn't met yet.
Then again, does he really want to meet a man who can't bother to show up on time to pick up his own daughter? Zayn doesn't get to dig any deeper in his thoughts when there is a knock delivered to the door frame and a happy shriek followed by it. "Daddy!" Callie lets out a squeal making Zayn slowly look up. Callie and himself where quite close if you'd ask him and she had always spoken of her father so highly but Zayn hadn't truly believed any of her words until now. The only other thing Zayn knew about the Payne family was that Callie's mother left her and her father a few years ago, which may be reasoning for her father's constant absence, but he's here for the first time, the one time Zayn contemplates the man's parenting skills, the man pops up like the Tasmanian Devil.

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