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"The police are still looking for other credible leads. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Chicago PD."


At least the work was still making the news. That made it twenty-five days and counting. He shut off the TV just as Ange knocked on the door.

"Hey, Adam." She greeted him with a kiss.

"How'd your day go?" he asked.

"I'm glad it's over." The woman looked around. "You're not leaving are you?"

"Got some business to attend to then I'll be back."

Ange was setting up food in the kitchen. "Does it have to be now?"

Yes. Space was at a premium. Some cleaning was in order. "It's a delicate matter, but I can't put it off any longer."

"You won't be too long will you?" Ange got out a pot and sauté pan.

Just a simple dump job. "I doubt it."

"I'll have dinner ready when you get back." She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Don't work too hard."

He walked out into the night. The sky was clear with a slight breeze and some clouds. Not the best conditions at the moment but rain was in the forecast for tomorrow. It was almost finished now.

Two bodies down, three to go.

Not exactly.

He opened the trunk of his Toyota and smiled at the lifeless body still covered in plastic. Once he disposed of this one, he could officially say three were left. He had to maintain some sort of order.

What a word. He started the car. People bent over backward to maintain some semblance of it during their crappy existence. All the while they were full of shit.

Fraudulent people living fake lives thinking they were actually doing something. They were doing something alright. Being hypocrites. That's why they had to pay. He touched the post it notes on his dash.

The final three.

One took money from people as a profession under the guise of helping them. Then there was his angel Ange. She meant well, but her job was to get people drunk to help them keep up the lies. As much as it pained him, it had to be done. And he would do it no matter what he had to sacrifice.

Because of order.

He stopped at a light at the intersection of Garfield and Seventeenth. He checked out the shop on the corner then waved to the officers in the cruiser in the next lane.

As for that last one. He had something truly special planned. Frauds like her were the worst, acting like they cared about others while they tossed people to the side like the blowing trash on the interstate.

Just like his "lovely" bitch of a mother. She always kept up appearances, pretending to be so caring when in fact she all but abandoned him for a new man. His stepdad had never known about her former life as a crackhead. Or how she belittled him and beat him. Every time he saw her false grin he wanted to tear her head right off and watch until her heart took it's final beat.

If only she had a heart.

But when it came down to it he couldn't do it. She would say it was because he was a coward. He grunted and sped up. Maybe it was some asinine hope that she would love him some day. Why he felt this way about such an insufferable, narcissistic tramp was beyond him.

Even though he hated the dinners with her and his stepdad, he reveled in knowing no matter how hard she tried she couldn't make him go away. For whatever reason her old man actually liked him. But then dear old dad wasn't the brightest man around. He had chosen her when there were plenty of truly beautiful women who hadn't been child beaters.

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