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"Alpha, the King of the Vampires is here and wishes to speak to you," Chad said.

We all three looked at each other unsure which King they meant. The rightful king and Brians grandfather or Donovan the one starting the war.

"Stay here," derek ordered as he kissed me softly on the lips.

"Oh, I don't think so dear. I am to be the Queen of our kind am I not?"

"Yes but.."

"Then I should go with you," I walked towards the door daring him to stop me.

The man sitting in the living room was not Brians Grandfather. He sat with one leg on top of the other on the couch in the sitting room. His suit was crisp and black and his shoes shined like they werfe jujst polished. His hair was slicked back and a hint of silver peppered the blonde mane. His eyes were cold and his cheeks were rosy though the rest of his face remained pale. Overall he was scary looking compared to the others I had met.

"Alpha Derek Morgan," He reached  his hand out to Derek, "This I presume is your mate and Queen," He took my hand in his and moved it towards his mouth. Derek snatched it away quickly.

"Do not touch her," Derek said as he took a sit across from him.

"Very well. I will mke this short. I have come for the boy. I'm sure you know whom I speak of," He leaned forward and I was sure he used his eyes to intimidate as his eyes fell on Derek.

"I'm afraid you need to be more specific. I have none of your kind here," Derek matched his icy glare.

"Do not play coy. I know he is here."

"No one that is here will be leaving with you. I suggest you take your leave. You have over stayed your welcome," Derek stood and I stood with him.

"Such a lovely lady you have here," Donovan said. 

Do not show any ounce of fear

The voice of my wolf was soothing and I relaxed at what I knew was a threat.

"I think he said it is time to go," I said gaining my composure.

"Oh, and so brave to. You have chosen wisely. I'm sure it would kill you if something should happen to her. But then again she seems to be able to protect herself, somewhat,"

Thats when all hell broke lose. Derek moved quickly as he slammed Donovan into the wall and grabbed him by his throat. He used one hand to slam the table on the ground and Brad quickly gave him a broken piece of the wood.

"Do not tempt me. Any wood will kill you. You aren't that special you know. You ever make a threat to her or my people again and I will kill you, slowly. Get out now," He released him and Donovan brushed him off as if it was nothing.

"I think you just started a war you won't win. I will have the boy. You cannot protect him forever," With that he slammed the door and was gone.

"Make sure he leaves this State. Do not go alone." Derek shouted to Brad.

"Yes Alpha," Brad bowed.

"I want to know how any of you let him even cross our borders," Derek shouted at no one in particular.

"Sorry Alpha we.." Chad began.

"You will take night patrol the next 3 weeks as punishment," Derek shoouted.

"Derek calm down," I yelled.

"Do not push me right now Isabella. I will not calm down when it is your safety. No one threatens what is mine in my home." I was sure his shouting alerted the whole -pack by now how angry he was.

"You had him right there. Why didn't you just end him?" I shouted back.

"There are rules. Just as there are rules against killing me. The vampire committee would not take lightly to him being slaughtered, even if many do not like him. It would have caused a war that even the rightful King could not fix. Besides I love the hunt, and hunting him will be my pleasure."

I really didn't know what else to say to him so I decided to go check on Brian. I'm sure word got back to him about what happened by now.

"Hey Izzy," Brian was watching some Adam Sandler movie in the movie room.  I moved his bowl of popcorn over and sat down next to him.

"Is this Big Daddy?" I asked him.

"Nice try with the small talk. What does this vampire want? I thought my grandfather was the King?" He switched the tv off and turned to me.

"I'm not sure I know all the detils or if I shouldn't let your grandfather or maybe even Derek tell you," I shrugged hoping he didn't stress it to much.

"I'd prefer to hear it from you. We are friends. I barely know my grandfather and Derek, well I heard his yelling from here."

"Look the current Vampire King wants you, as some secret weapon against your grandfather and perhaps us. I am not sure on all the details of why,"

"It's not like I'm all that special. I was bitten not born this way,"

"Actually you were born this way in a sense. Your grandfather had your ability to turn suppressed. Over the years when you didn't turn your wolf slowly began to die. It was Dereks bite that healed your wolf and helped you change. This is unheard of but because of his druidic bloodlines he is able to do this." I explained to him.

"So I was always like you?" He asked.

"Yes in a sense. I could not sense it as you got older becuse your wolf was dying."

"What happens if my wolf would have died?"

"I'm not sure but you probabloy wouldn't have been able to  turn. You will have to ask Derek."

"She urges me to turn a lot and tells me that It helps us grow stronger. She wants me to hunt,"

"Hunt?" I asked.

"Yes," He got up from the couch and walked to the door. "My grandfather is here,"

When I walked back upstairs it was quiet. I tried to use my senses to detect where they were but got nothing. Either no one was here, which would be odd since we were at the pack house or they all left after Dereks outbursts.

Walking outside I seen some of the pack moving tables and chairs seting up. I was unaware we were to have a get together tonight. 

"Kendra, are we having a party tonight?"

"Yes, we are entertining The Vampire King and Young Maxwell,"

"Max is here?" I asked.

"Yes. He arrived a short while ago with the Vampire,"

I pushed my mind out to Derek and met a wall. He had blocked the connection from me. Who did he think he was?

"Kendra, where is Derek,"

"He left with his guests and the new wolf," she shrugged her shoulders and begn moving tables together again.

I sat down in one of the chairs. Where would he go besides here to get privacy? Then it dawned on me. he must be at our new home. Nowhere else made sense. It was time I showed Derek that I was an Alpha and he would not block me. It was time he realized we are equals.

Sorry had to cut it off there. This chapter is not as long as I usually post but it was a good ending point. Next chapter Max is back. Yayy!!! Please comment and vote. Thank you lovelies and gents. This has not been edited.

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