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Prologue - Previously on I'm 100% Sure... You Love Me!


"Prof, look at this..." Lucy said, looking at the Telly with such intent. The Prof looked from the kitchen and his hair turned from his calm purple to his fiery crimson.

"THEY'RE AIRING IT?!" Potty was ready to chuck the knife he was using to the television, but this was the second TV and Placid was already angry at him, since Lucy had to pay for it.

"Yes... Oh, there's Ali." Lucy said, frowning.

"Well there you have it, their love life is fixed. If you want a relationship to be fixed? Call me, Ali Valentine! I'll save any of your problems. And Lucy or the Prof, if you're watching this... I gotta question... When are you guys gonna get married?!" She yelled, making both jump.

"M-married?!" Both yelled out, no, all three of them! Placid was staring in his mind, Potty was holding the knife tightly, and Lucy was just... Surprised. Suddenly, the Prof's cell phone began to ring. He answered, "Who the hell is it?"

"Alfendi... I hear you are in a relationship..?" The one and only voice that was on the other end was...



"Why yes, it is me. Hilda, your previous girlfriend. Who else?" She asked, her tone in her voice evident.

"So- why did you call?" He asked, acting a bit calmer.

"Obviously to congratulate you! You both are together! I'm not going to be the bad person here. I only wish to support you both."

"Ah..." Placid said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "I take it you heard what they were talking about in the telly- you wouldn't learn about this unless so."

"Of course. They wouldn't tell me so I had to find out myself. I am friends with Ali Valentine." She said, chuckling. "Don't tell me you didn't expect me to find out."

"No, no, I knew you would. I just didn't know so soon." She laughed on the other end at his statement.

"You know me Alfendi. Now anyway, I must reiterate this again. When will you get married?" She asked.

"Um." Placid wasn't sure. Of course both he and Potty cared and loved Lucy, but they still weren't sure if the whole relationship would work and everything.

Suddenly, his hair turned crimson red and he frowned.

"Since when did you care to check up on me? Let alone interfere with my love life?" He snapped, the poison in his voice obvious.

"Calm down. I can't check up on you from time to time? Is that a bad thing I shouldn't be able to do?"

"You shouldn't at all! It's rude, disrespectful- everything!"

"Potty, calm down." Lucy said, rubbing his back gently. "There's no point in yelling at Hilda." He sighed, his hair turning to it's regular shade.

"Hilda- I have to go. I have a headache and would like it if we could talk at another time."

"Alright. Goodbye Alfendi." He didn't say goodbye back, just turned off the phone.

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