Hey hope u all like it!  

This is a different version of my other criminal minds fanfiction, Spencer Reid's niece: Victoria Reid 14 years later. I got this idea from a dream. No joke. 

By the way, I picked a cast for the characters I created. Jonah, is played by Kevin G Schmidt. Hayley, is played by Hayley Erin. Henry, is played by Shane Harper. Lucy is played by, Shailene Woodley.

Ok here is my newest criminal minds fanfic. here it goes...

A Senior Party to Remember

Spencer's POV

It was about 19 years ago now, that I met JJ at college and we started dating. She told me that we should get married, but I said we would wait until we were older. A month later, JJ told me she was pregnant. 9 months later, we had our son, who we decided to name, Henry.

Two years later, we had our second son, Jonah. We decided to name him Jonah, because, well JJ liked the name and I saved a boy named Jonah from a serial killer. I thought he was special so I named my son after him. He was diagnosed with diabetes when he was born. He had to stay in the hospital for a month. It was hard on both me and JJ..

After we took Jonah home, we were happy.

JJ and I were still together and we decided to move into a house together.

That year, we got married.

Then I went off and joined the FBI's BAU- the behavorial analysis unit. I lied and said that I was single and had no children.

Two years later, JJ joined the FBI and had to lie too.

When the boys were 10 and 8 years old, we came clean to the team. Told them that we had two boys and that we were dating, they didn't take it too lightly but they were happy for us.

After that, we got our first baby girl, Rachel.  When we first found out JJ was pregnant again we thought we were going to get another boy. We were going to name him, Michael, after the boy I saved from that woman who had kidnaped him. Then we found she was a girl, and we named her Rachel.

It was the week of May 24th, about three weeks until my son, Jonah, graduates from high school.

His senior year party is this weekend and JJ and I have agreed to let him go, with his girlfriend Hayley.

I'm nervous though. I have a bad feeling about him going to this party.

Right now, I'm still working at the BAU.

JJ is still working there too but she is on maternity leave. She isn't due for another month but she is taking it easy because this time she is carrying twins.

Henry decided to come back from the Witness Protection Program to be with his daughter, Ella, and his wife, Lucy. He is now working for the police department in Quantico.

Life is finally falling into place for me and my family.

It is now Satuday, May 26th, the night of Jonah's last senior year party.

I'm still nervous. Jonah is going to this party, and tonight JJ is going to be home alone, because Kelly is going to a sleepover tonight. Well, she won't be totally alone because she has Delgado-- our "guard" dog with her.

"Reid, the team is meeting in the conference room now" Prentiss said.

I nodded and went into the conference room.

"Okay guys so this case is very different" Garcia explained.