America x Russia One Shot (lemon)

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"Dude! Come on, you know you wanna!" Alfred had told the Allies that he wanted to have a campfire, because they hadn't been to one in such a long time! Apparently, they didn't have times after the wars.  

"Fine, America! I might go, alright?" Britain had told him as he kept persisting on the idea.  

"Come on! We could eat s'mores and tell ghost stories and stuff like that! It'll be fun!" Alfred assured him. 

"Bloody idiot.." Arthur grumbled. Out of the blue, Ivan Braginski came out. He was wearing his usual thick coat and cozy scarf.  

"Hello, I will go, America!" Russia replied to Alfred. "Hey hey! Thats awesome! Thanks Russia man! Do me a favor and get others to come, will ya?" He asked, then ran off in search for China. 

"Youre.. not going to tell anyone else, are you, Ivan?" Britain tilted his head questionably.  

Russia gave him his signature evil glare, making him flinch. "But.. Alfred went looking for China ready, wont he..?" Britain's sentence was cut short when Ivan walked to the closet door and opened it, Chinas shirtless body falling out, tied arms and legs, with a duct-taped mouth. 

"What the hell is the matter with you?" Arthur yelled, outraged as he ran the China and started to untie him until Russia's shadow loomed over them both, and took them both.

Couple hours later!

Alfred sat on a log in the area of Finland's forest where the allies were gonna meet for the campfire. He was trying to start a spark, but wasn't exactly able to. "Dammit! I managed to piss off Arthur, couldn't find Wang, and Matthew would be a stick in the mud anyways.. Hey, at least Ivan's coming! .. Right?" He hugged his knees, as it started to get colder. 

"Maybe I should get the sleeping bags out.." He decided and walked into the tent he had brought along with him. Alfred grabbed a couple of the bags and as he walked out, he saw the campfire burning strongly. 

"Woah! Dude, thats awesome! But.." Alfred looked around, searching for whoever had helped him. "Hey? Uh.. helloo..?" He called. No one. Damn.  

America sat on his sleeping bag next to the fire and as he was getting warmer, something grabbed ahold of him by the back. He was blindfolded and quickly tied to his back. "The hell??!" He said as the breath was knocked out of him. He was pinned to the floor, so as in strengths it was certainly a man.  

Alfred's heart pounded as the man unbuttoned his jacket and uniform top. "H-Hey! Come on, man! What're you-!!" He stopped as a tongue pressed against his nipple and he grunted. The tongue kept flicking, with years of experience. 

The man had gloves on, which he used to lift Americas chin and kiss his neck very passionately, saliva trailing behind. "No.. come on.. man.." Alfred resisted the urge to arch his neck, in failure. The man then kissed Alfred roughly, their tongues twisting.  

They both started panting when he slipped off his glove and then slipped that hand into his boxers, reaching for a penis he could pleasure. Alfred moaned as he opened his legs and let him do whatever he needed to do. "Nooo~.." He groaned, an erection forming. 

As his dick was being worked on, the man swooped in for another make out session to enjoy. Alfred was blushing wildly and couldn't help but admire this man's sexual talent. So to both their surprises, America kissed back. His free hand he began using when he sucked it for a second, and the pressed it onto Alfred's nipple and circled around. 

Alfred yelled into the man's mouth. "Duuude.. I'm gonna..!" Right after, cum started dripping off the tip of his cock, little spurts forming. The man chuckled and then forced America onto his knees. All of the sudden, then man stuck his own dick into Alfred mouth with no hesitation. And America didn't hesitate on deep-throating it.