F I F T E E N - The Attic

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Chapter Fifteen

"Bring me back to Eugene right now." Josslyn demands. "You've got no right to do this to me!"

How dare this man bring her here without consent? After everything she's shared with him, he deliberately violates her trust by thrusting her into the past. She immediately regrets opening up to him.

"Wyatt Johnson, you bring me back right now or I'll - I'll jump out of this car!"

He presses the gas, "that would hurt."

Smug bastard! She opens her passenger side door, forcing him to pull over. He climbs out of the car and leans onto its trunk. Crossing both arms over his chest, he watches as Josslyn stomps back toward Eugene. He's of course, more than aware that he's asking for trouble and indeed, he feels guilty for bringing her back to Montana but he's got something to say and he knows if he doesn't say it right here, now - in this place, the message becomes pointless.

"Do a solid!" He yells to her.

"Bastard!" She retaliates.

"Do a solid, Josslyn. I'll take you back in a heartbeat!"

Josslyn swings around, huffing and puffing, ready to slap this man silly.

Wyatt saunters toward her, his left hand pressed into the pocket of his dress slack while the other continues to rub his bottom lip in deep contemplation.

"Your therapist, psychiatrist, doctor - who ever is looking out for your health - doesn't want you returning here?"

Josslyn scoffs in disappointment, "You do think I'm crazy."

"You don't have to be crazy to get help, Josslyn."

"I don't need help." She clenches her fist. Her anger and disappointment are equally palpable. "I've never needed help, not from anyone and least of all you!" She tears up. It's an incredibly hard lie to tell.

I knew it. She's never had professional help. "Why Josslyn? Why do you linger to suffer in limbo? You refuse returning to your past yet you don't invest in your future so you can begin to heal. Ten years is too short of a lifespan to make it all go away - I know that - but I'm sure it feels like an eternity having to suffer alone - without family, without friends you can be honest with; without anyone who believes in you."

She's taken back. Stop reading me.

He points at her leg. "That scar look real to me, your pain feels real to me - even though your story may seem hard to swallow - you are real to me. Please, do me a solid - that you'll seek help when we return to Eugene, I'll swing this car around in a heartbeat."

"And what if I don't?"

"Then we carry forward" He points eastbound toward Montana. "Not trusting you is never the same as not wanting to trust you. Selfishly put, I do want to see this town of yours. But I would prefer not to for the sake of your health."

"My health? Who the hell do you think you are?" She shoves his chest. "What gives you the damn right to cut a deal with me; to judge me like you've got a professional health license hanging on your damn wall, to stab a fork in the middle of the road for me? You're one to talk, what about your ex-wife? Go see a damn shrink to get over her!"

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