1~The diary

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Chapter 1

At the moment, I wished for only two things: 1) That my mother be a bit more descriptive in her diary, 2) That she hadn't randomly started to write in some incomprehensible code made on of little squares and rectangles. Although I was able to learn a bit about her childhood and her meeting with Dad, she really wasn't making it easy for me to figure out her whereabouts.

"Knock, knock," a familiar feminine voice came from outside my room.

"Come in, Autumn," I said, putting the diary down on my lap.

"Hey, Hailey," she greeted me happily. Grabbing a pillow off my hammock, she joined me on the floor, folding her purple wings back neatly.

I was back in my room in the Kingdom of Aeolus, home of the Winged people. After spending two weeks back in the human world, I had explained to my dad I didn't feel I belonged there anymore. Reluctant to see me leave again, but wanting the best for me, my dad had agreed to let me come back, given I visit him at least twice a year.

With a sigh, I handed Autumn my mother's diary, recently unlocked with a key from my new swiss army knife.

"Here, you're the smart one."

Autumn's eyes widened. "I'm flattered, but I don't speak random geometric figures."

"Do you think Grandpa might know what the code stands for?"

"Possibly." Autumn flicked through a few more pages. "Let me see if I can figure out something. Vowels should be repeated more often."

"Yes, maybe that'll help."

Autumn went over to my desk and found some sheets of paper, and we stayed in comfortable silence, while I picked up a book and started reading.

There was another knock on my door.

"Come in," I looked up.

"Room-service," someone said in a squeaky, heavily accented voice. "Apparently it stinks of boredom here." The door opened, and my friend Aiden poked his head inside. "Surprise! It's your all time favorite person ever!"

"Oh goddess, not him," Autumn joked.

I pretended to sigh heavily, and he glare at us playfully.

"Careful, Princess. Your traitor of a boyfriend told me your great weakness."

"And what is that?" I asked, a stupid grin on my face appearing at the mention of Chase as my boyfriend.

"You're ticklish!"

He jumped towards me, and I grabbed a pillow just in time to defend myself, whacking him in the shoulder.

"Oh, it's on." Aiden grabbed the nearest pillow.

In answer, I threw mine in his face.

The fight continued until a stray pillow flew out and hit Autumn right in the back of her head. She looked up from the diary, annoyed, and we both froze.

"It was him." I pointed a finger at Aiden.

"Really, Hailey? As if I would throw that bad."

I made a face at him. "Aren't you supposed to be cleaning up the whole castle or something?"

After blatantly disobeying his commander's order to not come along with Autumn, Chase, and I on our quest, Aiden had luckily escaped being kicked out of the Junior Troops. First in Command Bree did not let him off the hook so easily, though, and now Aiden had to do any and all chores that needed doing in the castle.

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