Chapter Nine

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"I have a right to see her," Josh enforced. "I'm not the only one to blame for this," he added angrily. Zaid stood on guard at the door as Charlotte stirred at his voice.

Zaid stepped into the corridor to close the door behind him. "And Charlotte needs rest. Haven't you caused enough trouble, and I'm not talking about the accident. You would leave Charlotte alone, keep your distance. Or I would forcibly remove you from my yacht, and send you home."

"Why don't you now? Why? Because Lottie won't let you ," he gloated.

"Must I remind you, you're a guest on my yacht who can be removed, and flown out anytime I desire. Out of respect for Charlotte I haven't, however, keep on this path of destruction, and I will. As for visitors, she isn't up to having any at this time. When she is, you would be let known, now go," he waved away in dismissal to go back in to see to Charlotte. The real pain, and soreness was kicking in. One side of her body was black and blue. He settled at her side on the bed as gentle as possible, since any sort of movement caused her pain. It would ease.

The only relief, she could get sometimes was through tears of pain that broke his heart. One thing was for sure they were both to blame. Leaning over her, he kissed her forehead. He won't lose her, and things have escalated beyond his control. He hated that. Control had to be kept. Closing his eyes, he re-visioned the moment she fell down in front of oncoming traffic. The high pitched, squealing tyres. The screams as he took to his feet, pounding ground, ordering people aside to skid to a stop, and dropped down at her side to frantically do a medical check to see if anything was broken.

Thankful for his military training, he knew what to do, and what to look for. He might be royalty, but he knew what to do. How to look after the men in his charge, and his family. No matter what, Charlotte was his family, and things were spiralling out of control, and had to be stopped. He pressed his lips onto her cheek. "I won't leave you."

Pushing back her fringe, Zaid pressed ever so tenderly, his lips on the discolouring of her skin, brushing across the gravel damage with the touch of a butterfly wings, to press kisses down her cheek, where she had hit the road. Dark purple. He traced fingers along her jaw to have her face tilt towards his caressing touch.

"Are you going to kiss all my boo-boos away," she sighed.

"If it will help," he offered, his warm breath feathered against her skin to sigh.

"Working already." Her eyes opened a darker blue through pain and medicine. The swelling had gone down, her eye just blackened, to smile as he looked down upon her with his softened gaze. Lifting her good hand, she brushed fingers down his shirted rock hard abs. Tiredly, she closed her eyes to turn her cheek onto the pillow. The pain killers, and shock, were taking its toll. He hated seeing her like this. His sweet innocent Charlotte. How had it come to this?

Maybe coming here hadn't been such a good idea after all. Perhaps he should've taken her back home to shake his head. Now, he was second guessing himself, something he never did. He eased back to just watch her sleep. An sleeping angel. Chestnut hair spilled across the white pillow like a halo around her pale face that made her bruises stand out more. The not so deep bruising, already yellowing. He would have to rethink the whole situation. Christine and Josh were becoming more of a problem then he liked. He had to change that, but how? Standing, he paced his bedroom while Charlotte slept. He paused by a window to stare out to the waters, hands behind his back. For now she would stay here undisturbed, and recuperate in peace.

After dinning with his guests, and passing on a progress report, Zaid went back to his patient to find her awake, hungry, and grumpy. He rearrange the pillows, then helped her to sit up more, wincing in pain. "Sorry."

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