chapter 7

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yeah i think im fianlly over my writers block on this one:) its about time. i havent been able to do anything because i was thinking about this stupid story :)

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well here you go....

"You know what?" chance and I were just sitting around my room not doing anything. We hadn't been doing anything for the past two hours besides him surfing the web for God knows what and I've been just reading a new book I picked up at the library. I decided that it wasn't that good after about twenty minutes but continuing for entertainment. That's something I do a lot.

"What," he asked. He looked up at me from my laptop. "You realized that I was the most gorgeous guy you know?"

"No," I decided that a LONG time ago. "I haven't met your parents." Meeting his parents was something that I wanted to do because I wanted to meet the people you created this beautiful human.

"They aren't that interesting. Trust me." How couldn't they be? They gave birth to him. There has to be a few interesting traits about each of them.

"I still want to meet them. Can we eat dinner at your house tonight?" Tonight would be the first night in months that I wouldn't eat my mothers cooking.

"If you don't mind eating my famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches then you can come over." He looked kind of ashamed. I don't see why he was. not everyone can make it as a gourmet chef.

"how about we go to your house and have a sandwich meet your parents then go to the bowling alley." i said hoping this stupid city has a bowling alley. 

"There's an idea. After you taste my horrible food you can get a sample of something I'm good at," he said smiling. 

yeah this one is really short but i promise the next one will be longer :)

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