Chapter 13:


“Hey girl want to go shopping.” Jules said when I picked up the phone, my voice still thick with sleep. I was still in bed, enjoying the fact that Christmas vacation meant I didn’t have to wake up early. Spike was still asleep next to me.

“Jules, it’s 9 AM.”

“Exactly, we need to get a good start or all the dresses will be gone.”

“Ugh… I’m coming I’m coming.”

“Okay, I’ll pick you up in 90 minutes.” and then she was gone. Spike twisted around, his arms automatically wrapping around my waist, pulling me farther into the bed. He pressed his face into the crook of my neck.

“Why are you up?” he mumbled

“Jules wants to go shopping.”

“Tell her I don’t want to go.”

“I don’t think you were invited,” I pointed out. “We’re going dress shopping for the ball.”

“Mmmm…” he hummed, slipping back into sleep.

I cautiously untangled myself from his arms, starting to get ready.

    90 minutes later Spike was still asleep and Jules was pulling into our driveway, right on time. I hopped in and she handed me a peppermint mocha; my favorite.

“Are you ready for this? We are going to find those pesky dresses today.”

“Are Winnie and Leah coming?”

“Yeah, they’re meeting us at the mall.”

“Hmmm…” I mumbled, taking another sip of my coffee, and listening to the music filtering in through the radio.

    We met Leah and Winnie by the big fountain on the second floor before making a beeline towards the first of the shops on our list. We walked along the racks, looking for something that caught our eye. This was a legitimate ball; tuxes for the men, and gowns for the women, it was going to be expensive. Winnie and I both didn’t find anything we liked, so we took a seat on the couch in front of the dressing stalls. Jules came out first, took one look in the mirror at the purple halter top and groaned.

“Hell no.” Winnie and I giggled slightly at her reaction, which, to be completely honest was justified.

“Try the red one on,” Winnie suggested as Jules shut the stall door. Leah stepped out in a deep orange gown, almost red. It was one shoulder and looked amazing on her.

“You had better buy that.” I said, staring as she pivoted back and forth in front of the mirror. She turned around, craning her neck backwards so she could see the back of it.

“Seriously,” Jules said, stepping out. “You should get that.”

“Ehhh… I’m not a huge fan of the color.” She replied thoughtfully, “but I love the design and the fabric. I’ll keep a lookout for another color.”

Half an hour later we left the store with mostly empty hands, except for Leah, who had found the dress in a magenta-purplish color and bought it. We all agreed that it looked amazing on her, but the rest of us still needed to find something. Jules needed to find one today so it could be tailored as she was quite a bit shorter than a lot of the dresses. The second shop was a bust; we only spent about five minutes in there before we came to the realization that all the dresses were too skimpy for this occasion.

We all lucked out at the third store, a classy shop that seemed as though it was trying very hard to be french. Jules fell in love with an off the shoulder ivory gown with black and silver flowers around the top that faded as they got lower on the gown. She tried it on and it actually fit perfectly. We weren’t sure it was supposed to be full length originally, but it fit her nicely. When I came out with my first choice on Jules was twisting in front of the mirror, examining the dress.

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