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(A/N Don't worry, Vic tops. Kellin's the tiny bean in this one, not Vic.)

I tried to escape that night while Austin was asleep. It was a no brainier, considering the situation. But to my dismay, the windows didn't open. The elevator didn't have an "open" button from this side either; only a keyhole. Based on this, I assumed it was a one-way elevator unless you had a special key, which, in this case, I didn't.

It was nearing sunrise and I was getting back into bed. Austin, still asleep, surprisingly hadn't been woken up by the commotion. Due to this, he seemed to have gotten a good night's sleep. I, on the other hand, could barely sleep at all knowing that I was stuck in a building full of preying gay dudes who drooled over the thought of putting a dick in my ass. It made me cringe.

At about 7:00 AM, there was a banging on the door and then footsteps. They soon became distant as knocks on the other rooms were simultaneously heard. I instinctively hid under the covers, afraid that they'd bring in some macho guy to ram my asshole. I knew it probably wouldn't happen (at least not yet) but I wasn't taking any chances.

"Dammit," I heard Austin gasp immediately after a distinct bang.

I slightly peeked down at the floor, the blanket still cocooning me. There he was, panting and laying in defeat on the hardwood floor. He noticed my gaze and I spoke up. "What happened?"
I asked cautiously.

He sighed and sat up, trying to gather his covers and throw them back onto the bed. "Scared the shit out of me. Not my fault," he defended, clearly embarrassed.

The funny mishap almost made me forget where I was. I would've forgotten, too, if it weren't for the keyhole turning in the door. I gasped and retreated at the sound, instantly cowering beneath the plentiful fabric of my blanket. Austin started to say something but I shushed him. Please don't let them take me. My asshole isn't ready.

The door cracked open and I flinched. My first instinct was to be invisible. I tried to hold my breath and lay completely flat, not making a sound as I heard the steps of rubber boots on hardwood flooring approaching.

My plan failed, though. Abruptly, the blankets were pulled off of my body with a swift swoosh. I unintentionally curled up into a safety ball. My eyes immediately searched for the person who was responsible for this. Peeking over the edge of the bunk bed, I was able to spot the culprit. He didn't look very amused.

Frank gave me an unimpressed roll of his eyes and motioned towards both me and Austin. "Get dressed. It's orientation time."


He had brought us to a miniature chapel-like scenery. Only, this was a branch of the Satanic church chain, which meant it was all black and red rather than white and gold.

Austin sat beside me in the nearly-crowded room. Not that there were a lot of people; it was just a very small version of a Satanic chapel. There were maybe ten other teenagers sitting in a rectangular chair formation, some female and some male. And believe me, the girls in here looked anything but gay.

Frank stood idly beside another man up front. There were plenty of Satanic statues, figures, and objects placed neatly around them, whereas Frank posed as the bodyguard in the center of the holy circle. The side facing the crowd displayed an opening wide enough for a congregation ceremony to take place. "All rise."

I looked over at Austin as I stood. He held a blank expression, probably not very happy about what was supposedly about to unfold. I felt like he somehow knew what was going to happen here, as if he had done it before, but I didn't think too much of it.

Instead, I turned my head back to the stage. It was then that more teenagers suddenly began to appear onstage behind the circle in a straight line: a quantity equal to the amount of people in the crowd. They were dressed just like us. They had a similar demeanor. Yet, something seemed utterly different. I mentally dismissed the thought at the sound of a booming voice. "Number one. Come up."

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