Chapter 4 - Jack Brewer?

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Jerry rubs his hand up and down my arm and we climb into the ambulance. The ride to the hospital was quiet, with Jack slowly falling in and out of consciousness. When we arrive at the hospital, Jack is rushed into the emergency room, and Jerry and I are forced to sit in the waiting room. I call Kim and Rudy while Jerry calls Milton. Soon enough, the whole gang is sitting in the hospital in silence. Jerry comforts Kim as she cried into his shoulder, gripping the fabric of his shirt. Given the circumstances, I would've thought they looked cute. Rudy and Milton sit together, whispering quietly about something I don't care enough about to pay attention to. All I can do is stare into space. If someone tried to talk to me, I don't think my voice would even work. The hospital reflected my feelings right now: dark, cold, empty. If I had just gone with the boys to Falafel Phil's, we wouldn't even be here. My vision blurs as new tears begin to form. I can't imagine going on without Jack. I just don't think I'd be able to function. I'm pulled from my thoughts as a police officer walks into the room. "Rosalie Martinez?" He asks. I stand and nod my head slightly. "That's me." He looks at me with sympathetic eyes. "The chief would like to ask a couple of questions-" "Look, I don't think now's the time-" Rudy interrupts him. I hold up my hand to silence him. "No, it's fine. Best get it over with, right?" and with that, I walked out behind the police officer. "First things first, are you okay? did he hurt you?" Wow. He does not waste anytime. I shake my head no. "We'll, we found out that the offenders name is Maxwell O'Connor. He has been brought to the station for questioning." "Questioning? He hurt Jack! Why would you need to question him?!" I yell, outraged. This man deserved to burn in hell. "Miss, we don't have all the details-" "Damn right you don't!" I turn on my heel and walk away. I couldn't deal with this right now. I say back in my seat, fuming. Everyone looked at me, even Kim silenced her sobs. Milton moved over and sat next to me, and after about 2 seconds of silence, I flung my arms around his neck and cried loudly. Milton rubbed my back soothingly in attempt to calm me down. This went on for about a minute until I heard a nurse calling out a name. But not my name. This was a different name, one I loved hearing more than anything. "Jack Brewer?"


Short one I know. But I felt you guys deserved something and I've been really tired lately, so, here it is!

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