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Nate's POV

I text Sam,Taylor,Johnson, and Gilinsky in the group chat they were excited too.

But Johnson said, that we might go on tour with a group call YOU-VINERS

Which I really don't know who are but I guess I will find out in 2 days.

-next day-

Johnson's POV

I get up in 10:34 and go to the other room to see if Gilinsky is awake but isn't.

I go to the bathroom do my business, brush my teeth, and fix my hair.

I plan what im gonna wear for the day and scheduled to go to the mall and Ralphs with the crew.

I go downstairs to make something to eat so I made pancakes, eggs, and sausages.

In the middle of cooking I heard footsteps so I'm assuming Gilinsky was up.

Gilinsky's POV

I wake up with my eyes closed still and go to a position where I am sitting with my eyes closed.

After 5 minutes, I smell food I opened my eyes go to the bathroom do my stuff and go downstairs.

I greet Johnson and I eat, I wash the dishes and ask "Any plans?" He replied "wanna come to the mall and Ralphs?"

"Sure when" I say "An hour" he replies I nodd and go upstairs and pick out an outfit.

After checking the time, I see that it has been 50 minutes so I fix my hair again.

I go downstairs and I ask "Ready?" "Ya" he says.

We go with the Cadillac SUV 2015 I insisted to drive while Johnson sat in shotgun.

I put my aux cord and listen to Drake.

I pull up to Sammy and Nate's Crib and text them to come out.

2 minutes later they come out.

I drive to the Mall.

-skip car ride-

We arrived at the mall and we went to all kinds of stores and ended up having 10 bags .

Matthew's POV

It was the day of the event I was excitied so here is the room and bed structure.

Room 1- 2 beds and in one bed is Matt and Kimberly
Second bed is Marina and Jennifer

Room 2- 3 beds one bed Nash and Hayes (brother love lol)
Second bed is Shawn and Jocelyn (her parents let her be in the group)
Third bed is Kalolaine

I called everyone and they said they were all ready so we decided all to go to breakfast.

Me, Kimberly, Marina, and Jennifer go to the lobby and find out there is IHOP in the hotel so we reserved seats.

We texted everyone to come down and I see them all and signal them to come.

We ordered are food and talked about how excited we were to meet all the fans and etc.

We finished and went to the event place.

Security told us to go backstage and we did I decided since it was my first event I want to vlog so I told a camera person

to vlog. The event was about to start and the host opens each and everyone of us.

I was about to go I was so nervous and excited at the same time.

"Now finally here we have Matt Espinosa" the host says as I hear them all cheering.

I go jogging and waving I say "hey guys, what's up" they all scream and I laugh.

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