4. My Moment

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My group walked to the middle of the room. It felt like I was walking towards a fire. My body was getting hotter with every step.

I looked back at Scottie for encouragement. He held his thumbs up and smiled. I said a quick prayer, then the music started.

I rocked back and forth preparing myself for the count. It felt like a movie, everything was in slow motion. Soon, I didn't acknowledge anyone in the room. It was just me and the music.

I was staring at myself in the mirror behind Justin and his crew. I was hitting my pops. Then, my hands unexpectedly hit the floor. Why the hell am I on the floor? "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" I heard that soft voice again. I looked up at the blonde-haired, green-eyed klutz.

I immediately jumped to my feet. 

"STOP!" I stomped and yelled simultaneously at the ground. The music kept playing, but everyone stopped moving. I took a breath and looked at the girl next to me. She covered her face in embarrassment. I switched my intense glare to Nick. "I've worked too hard and TOO LONG for this moment. I'm not going to allow someone to ruin it. These 60 seconds are the most important seconds of my life. Start the song over." I demanded.

The room went silent. Nick stared at me. 

"Bro, she said start the song over." Justin directed towards Nick. I moved away from the klutz and stood in front of my group. I had plenty of space for myself. 

"Start the track over." Nick ordered.

I took a step back and a step forward. I regained my confidence and composure. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked straight ahead at the mirror. I looked to the side and Justin had his gaze locked on me. I was no longer nervous. I was ambitious.

The music began to play. I shook my hands and rolled my neck to get loose. I mentally started my count. My hips began to move.

My angles and lines looked great as I watched myself in the mirror. My hair swayed back and forth, due to my vigorous movements. I was lost in the music.

The music stopped and reality hit when we were awarded applause. I returned to my former post and sat on the floor. I looked at Scottie and he was jumping up and down, cheering. He didn't even notice I was watching him.

I bowed my head and covered my face. I shook my head. I couldn't believe how proud I made him and myself. The next group was up and dancing.

I shyly looked over to Justin, I caught him looking at me. He quickly looked down at the table. I glanced back to Scottie. He was full of joy. I sat back and relaxed the rest of the audition.

 I sat back and relaxed the rest of the audition

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