Kissing Midnight (One-Shot)

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A/N: This is a one-shot I did for a competition. Even if I didn't win, it was fun :).

Copyright: All rights reserved to MaskedAuthor

                                                                        Kissing Midnight

  Jane was tossing and turning in her bed restlessly. The bed beneath her would creak every time she did so. She wished she could have at least one night of a blissful sleep but that was only wishful thinking. She attempted to shut her eyes by squeezing them together as hard as she could, but to no avail for they simply popped open and refused to comply. Jane let out a defeated sigh trying to focus her eyes in the room in the middle of night.  

   When she spotted her digital alarm clock she pressed the luminous blue button on top of it. The screen lit up a pale green colour making the black digits more clear and read midnight. Jane let out a stress filled sigh as she was growing scared by the minute. She refused to believe it was a mere coincidence that she was always awake at this particular hour, even though that’s what she told herself. Letting out a frustrated sigh, she hopped out of bed and held her hands stretched out in front of her.

    As she couldn’t get her eyes to focus in the pitch black she would simply have to rely on her other four senses. The milky white night gown she wore was considerably thin and she started searching for her mud brown woollen coat. Her feet started moving slowly but carefully on the lacquered wooden floorboards and she was soon standing in front of her sturdy oak wardrobe. She reached out for the smooth wooden handle and opened it cautiously; in case something fell out. Her long thin hand grabbed the woollen material on the left and slipped it off the wire coat hanger. She could easily fit into it as it was quite big. Then Jane made her way out of her room and down the stairs.

   The floorboards were in her favour tonight as they did not creak as she made her way stealthily downstairs finally giving into her need to go to the garden. The very garden her aunt Marie forbid her to go to, she even named it the Forbidden Garden. Before she knew it she was faced with the door in the kitchen that leads to the Forbidden Garden. Unease swirled in Jane’s lower stomach and she once again weighed her choices. She knew the consequences of disobeying her aunt but she couldn’t fight her urges anymore, they were becoming stronger as the weeks progressed. She bit her lower lip before she brought a shaky hand to the door knob.

   The cool, copper metal eased away her anxiety and brought certain calmness into her heart. Yes she was disobeying her aunt Marie, but did she really care about the consequences? The two sides of her mind fought against each other. Disagreeing and not being able to reach a compromise; one side said Go do it, you know you want to, while the other sensible side spoke urgently No don’t,  you know how she gets. Yes, Jane did know. When Jane disobeyed a simple order, such as washing the dishes, a strong slap would be placed on Jane’s cheek at best. However Jane usually wasn’t as lucky and ended up with several dark blue patches that swelled on the areas that her merciless aunt targeted.

    Yes, Jane knew perfectly well what her aunt was capable of and yet she questioned where the new found courage appeared from. It was a strong burning red flame, which set her on fire, bringing courage and promising results. Suddenly everything made sense and she pushed the knob gingerly going past the point of no return, but unlike feeling scared, Jane felt a boldness sweep over her and strengthening her with a newfound power. She liked the feeling of it and as long as it remained she felt confident.

    A small awe-filled gasp slipped from Jane’s tightly bound baby pink lips. She understood why her aunt didn’t want her in the Forbidden Garden, she understood perfectly well. The place was like a personal heaven on earth, if such a place existed. There was a stony path made out of grey cobble stones that lead to the centre of the garden that had a magnificent fountain carved out of pure white marble. The pale blue water spewed from the top of the fountain overflowing over its banks and falling tranquilly into the lower levels of the fountain. The grass surrounding Jane was the purest, vibrant green she ever witnessed. Trees surrounded the entire garden their branched hanging over it protectively casting ominous shadows. The silver outlined moon shone darkly onto it making the garden glow with energy.

    Suddenly a boy appeared out of thin air in front of Jane. He was a few inches taller than her and possessed a strong build. His black hair was the darkest colour of walnut and his eyes were the colour of opals; varying from sky blue to flaming orange as the moonlight danced across them. Only the boy was pale, awfully transparent like a ghost. She could see right through him. The boy opened his plump pale pink lips and spoke “Jane, do you remember?”

     Jane only stared at the boy in astonishment, her brain searching for an answer. The boy’s eyes grew sad and his head hung low. Then as if a light bulb was switched in his head, he raised his head again, and he looked at Jane as he advanced forward. Jane’s eyes grew as wide as saucers and she stumbled back, fear consuming her.

“I won’t hurt you,” the boy assured her and grabbed her right hand. He pulled her forward and she found herself in his chest. She swallowed, feeling her heart pick up its pace. The boy brought her face to his and then kissed her. It was a simple placing his lips upon hers but it felt so much more. The innocent gesture shocked Jane and everything she blocked in her mind came flowing back as if a dam had been burst.

     She remembered everything; her parents’ death, her being shipped off to live with her aunt Marie’s and her childhood love that morphed into something so much more. Jane remembered the boy that was in the garden, his name was Night. He was her innocent crush ever since she came to this little town. It was love at first sight for both of them and then they became lovers. However the boy passed away five years ago, leaving Jane all alone.

      Jane smiled at him and he gently caressed her cheek longingly.

“The witch can’t keep us away from each other anymore, lets go where we belong,” he said holding her frail white hand.

      Of course she remembered everything. She wasn’t alive, no she was dead. They were both ghosts bound to this same house because of their curse and murderer. Yes their murderer her aunt and his mother…            

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