One Enchanted Night - Prologue,Chapter1&Chapter2

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Moving down the street with purpose, Genevieve looked around her. It was moving onto dusk and Mama said to just go to Mrs Weatherly, give her the soup that Cook made and then return home.

She suddenly realised that for so early in the evening the street were almost deserted.

She felt a bit scared, because she had heard of the spate of killings that happens just after dusk.

Nobody knows what murdered these people. It looked like some wild animal mauled them. You would think that in 1795 civilization would have scared off most of the wild animals and yet there were these unexplained killings.

She was almost home, only 500 meters, but she still had to pass the piece of veld between their house and the neighbour's house. Now almost completely dark she stopped, hearing something moving in the veld beside her house.

She was half way across the pathway.

Picking up the ruffles of her long dress, she started running. She knew that a lady shouldn't run and definitely should not pick her dress up and show her ankles to the world, but in a flight of panic that was the last thing she was worried about.

Running and feeling the wind in her golden brown hair, which has come undone from the bun on her head. The only thought in her mind was that she needed to get inside their house.

She knew that she should have listened to her mother and let Fielas their stable and garden boy come with her as protection against the criminal elements, but feeling brave in the midday sunshine, she thought it unnecessary.

With a gasp she reached the front door. Knocking and hoping that Feitjie, their live in maid, was in the vicinity of the door.

"Miss Gina, why ever are you making so much noise, " said Feitjie while opening the front door.

"Oh, Feitjie, I heard something rustle in the bushes and I ran as fast as I could to reach the front door."

She sat down in the parlour on one of the extremely uncomfortable chairs.

"Miss Gina, why did you take so long? You know the rules about being home before dark and where is that Fielas, he knows that he was suppose to go with you?" exclaimed Feitjie with a very agitated voice.

"Feitjie there was almost no one on the streets, living near one of the busiest ports at the Southern tip of Africa, one should think that it would always be bustling," said Genevieve with an expression of dread.

"Ai, Miss Gina, you heard about the killings. Last week something broke into the Du Preez families' home and the whole family was found dead."

That night going to bed was a very scary affair. She was still thinking about the rustling in the veld.

Calming down she finally fell asleep in her warm bed.

Unbeknown to her, something was indeed staring at her through the window of her ground floor bedroom.

The hunger was intense and he could not help himself. He knew that he had promised the Council that he would not touch a human while here on his mission. The pull of her blood was intense. He wanted to taste her heat.

He heard the growl behind him, turned around and realised that he had made a big mistake of getting distracted by the human inside.

Chapter 1


As Genevieve, now known as Gina, looked down at the city, where her life started, she tried to remember of how it once was.

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