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Pen Your Pride

the kidnapping

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"Fine then,I don't care! Keep going! I don't want you!" You say as you raise a fist in the air. Your hair sticking close to your body. You watch as the car keeps driving away from you leaving you in the rain. Sighing you walk away,rubbing your arms for some comfort. Why does this always happen? whats wrong with me? is it my looks? or is it just me i the whole problem? You remember that you live in a apartment across town. You curse in anger. At least he would of dropped you off at a park to hide under a large tree or something. You squint your eyes looking for a place to take shelter from the unforgiving rain. You find a covered bus stop,you run trying to not to trip on your high heels. Out of breath you sit on the bench inside. You free your feet from the heels. I want to go  home... you thought sadly. Your "date" was pretty happy dropping  you off in the rain. You try to get out much water as possible out of your dress. Your (f/c) dress was pretty much see through in the rain. Thunder echoed in the distance. You take a long breath smelling the smell of fresh dirt and rain. You always loved the smell..and so did your date.You talked about over bread sticks and wine. You shake your hair,spilling water droplets every where. "hey! stop that.." said a raspy voice on your left. You quickly turn around eyeing your speaker. Only a shadow that you saw of him. "s-sorry sir i did not mean to do that..." you try to say calmly. you remember that your dress is see through so you slowly start to cover yourself. the man puts his face in the light then his body. you gasp in shock. the man had only had a sharp toothy grin on his face. he had a trench coat and a fedora with a rose on it. I put a hand to my mouth holding my gasp. He comes closer towering over me. He puts a long slender finger to my chin. "hello doll.." he snickered.i back up my back hitting the wall on the bus sop. "h-how did you get there?..i dis not see you there.." you stammer. He smiled even wider while rubbing two light grey skin fingers together. "i have my could say..i can seance a pretty women a mile away" he said as he licked his lips. You look to your side..I can escape..i can make a run for it...You slowly move,staring at him. You bolt at full speed "HELP!!" you scream. You feel something grab your waist. Your mouth is covered before you can make another scream for help,and all you could make is muffled yells. You felt other of these things wrap all around your body,making it hard to breath.As you look down you realize that there tentacles,they felt smooth on your skin.The way they touched you made you feel weird and unclean... You come closer to the man him pulling you closer to him. "mmfff mhhh!" you muffled out. Pulling you  even closer he looks down on you and puts a finger to his lips. "shhhh...we don't want anyone to hear us, do we doll?...." You breathed heavily, your vision blurring. He let your mouth free allowing you to speak. But you only let out short gasps for air. "you look tired doll.. lets go to my place.." he smirked as he closed your (e/c) eyes.You felt a weird feeling tingling through your butterfly's in your whole body . He let you see again you looked around. Your eyes went wide and you stopped breathing. You where in the middle of a forest,with a nice looking cabin in front of you. "you like..?" he whispered  in your ear before you can responded you here  the crashing of branches and the scatter of leaves. "OOFFFFFEEEENNNDDDEEEERRR!!" a loud voice boomed out. Your heart felt liked it stopped beating. The man just sighed and put a hand on his face "ugg its my stupid brother" he mumbled. Then a tall man appeared in front of us,like the shadows spited him out. He had no face,he wore a black tux,and he had white skin.With his thin body in a arch he pointed angrily at his so called brother. "oh this my brother...slenderman"  

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